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Posted on Sep 10, 2011

Moazzam Begg

Moazzam Begg


First brush with the law came in 1994 when he was arrested in relation to charges that he was attempting to defraud social security. When his home was searched police found night vision goggles a bullet-proof vest and extremist Islamist literature. Begg has subsequently claimed that the bullet proof vest was a flat jacket and along with the night vision goggles was used as a means to navigate Bosnia where he carried out humanitarian work. At an associates house police also found a photograph of Begg in Afghanistan brandishing an AK-47. Charges were dropped because of a lack of evidence.

Arrested in 2000 after a raid on his bookshop, Maktabah Al Ansar. Police found encrypted files on his computer which he refused to open and subsequently a judge ruled in his favour meaning he was released without charge.

He travelled to Afghanistan in 2001 allegedly to set up a school and help provide clean water. When the allied attack commenced in October 2001 he fled to Islamabad where he was detained by the CIA and later transferred to Guantanamo Bay in 2003, where he alleges he was tortured and witnessed two fellow prisoners being beaten to death. He was released without charge on January 25th 2005.

The Guardian reported that when al Qaeda’s Derunta training camp was captured a copy of a money transfer was found that credited an account for Moazzam Begg between London and Karachi, Pakistan. He denies that such evidence exists.

He is now director of Cageprisoners and campaigns across the world in order to highlight alleged human rights violations in relation to Guantanamo Bay and more generally as consequent of the ‘War on Terror’.


Khalil al-Deek- Invested with Begg who claims this was the extent of their relationship

Abu Zubaydah- Begg claims he never met him, however state department claims he admitted it during interrorgation

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab – gave several lectures at UCL 2007 when Abdulmutallab was President of the Isoc

Al-Awlaki- cageprisoners invited him to speak via video phone at Wandsworth Civic Cente in August 2008

Cageprisoners- Director

Amnesty International- a senior amnesty figureGita Sahgal condemned her organisaions association with Begg and cageprisoners. Saying that”To be appearing on platforms with Britain’s most famous supporter of the Taliban, whom we treat as a human rights defender, is a gross error of judgment

Shahid Butt- Arrested in Yemen for terrorist offences committed in the country between 98-99, under the guise of the SoS (Supporters of Shariah) which has links to Abu Hamza. Linked to Begg as both were involved in Fraud investigation in 1994, which was allegedly used to funnel money to the coffers of SoS. Begg released Butt sent down for 18 months.

Hizb-ut-Tahrir- Spoke at HT rally on Gaza


Begg recalls that he told two US agents who visited him in his Guantanamo cell that “I wanted to live in an Islamic state – one that was free from the corruption and despotism of the rest of the Muslim world,” and goes on to say “I knew you wouldn’t understand. The Taliban were better than anything Afghanistan has had in the past 25 years.” -Begg, Moazzam (2007) Enemy Combatant: The Terrifying True Story of a Briton in Guantanamo, P.214, Pocket Book

Begg’s letter of response to The Sunday Times who ran a story of Begg’s & cageprisoners’ allegedly inappropriate relationship with Amnesty

I think the United States in its initial appearance didn’t want to directly say that this was a war on Islam, but I think by blunders and behaviour towards the Muslim world in this respect it leaves few with little doubt that it is in fact a war against Islam” – (DVD) 21st Century Crusaders- extremely inflammatory, plays videos of the 9/11 attacks, promotes Jihad and suicide attacks in Palestine

In the same DVD Begg says of Ali al Tamimi;

“He cannot be regarded as an extremist, fundamentalist, lunatic type terrorist scholar that they claim abound. He is one of the most reasonable and middle of the path scholars that I have come across, who not only make sense in everything that they say, but they back it up with evidence from the Qur’an.”

“In his magisterial discourse on jihad during the soviet occupation, ‘Defence of the Muslim Lands’, the charismatic scholar, Sheikh Abdullah Azzam resurrected the famous 13th century fatwa of Ibn Taymiyyah which states: ‘As for the aggressive enemy who destroys life and religion, nothing is more incumbent [upon the believer] after faith than his repulsion.’ Al-fatawaa al-kubraa, Ibn Taymiyyah”-

Speaking Events

22/2/2010- SOAS Isoc- Justice in Islam (Begg didn’t speak, Humza Qureshi spoke instead)

14/05/2009- “Quaker Peace Lecture”-Huddersfield-

19/03/2009- QM Isoc- “Justice Week”-

12/02/2009- UCL Isoc- “Gaza: Lost City”-

21/01/2009- MMU Isoc-

2/12/2008- Goldsmith Uni Isoc-

29/1/2008- Leeds Uni Isoc-

23/01/2008- UCL Isoc- “CIA Holding Torture Tapes”

30/01/2007- UCL Isoc- “War on Terror Week”

30/04/2006- Social Forum Cymru –

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