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Posted on Oct 14, 2014

Bin Laden supporter, anti-gay preacher speaks at East London Mosque

Bin Laden supporter, anti-gay preacher speaks at East London Mosque

Last Friday (10 October 2014), the East London Mosque hosted Imam Abdullah Hasan, who gave a talk entitled, “Beginning of the End: Minor and Major Signs of the Day of Judgement.”

The East London Mosque consistently denies that it provides a platform to extremists and hate preachers, but Abdullah Hasan’s presence evidently belies that claim.

Few personalities on the British Islamist scene are more extreme than Hasan, with the possible exception of Haitham al-Haddad (of whom, incidentally, Hasan is an outspoken supporter).

Hasan is an activist of the Islamic Forum of Europe, a branch of the genocidal Islamist movement Jamaat-e-Islami.

Of Aafia Siddiqui, the convicted terrorist described by FBI Director Robert Mueller as an “al-Qaeda operative and facilitator,” Hasan has said, “Our sister Aafia Siddiqui … [is] not a terrorist … She was a Muslim trying to practise Islam.”

For Hasan, the only crime committed by terrorists incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay is “nothing but [that] they believe in Allah.” They are “our brothers and sisters,” he says.

On his Facebook page, Hasan describes Jews as devil-worshippers who wish to exterminate Muslims; he claims that “the Jews … will be amongst the followers of the dajjal [antichrist]. In the city of Isfahan their [sic] will be 70,000 Jews who will be his followers.”

He has also stated that “gay marriage will lead to the destruction of humanity,” and has further endorsed on his personal website the argument that homosexuality is caused by sexual abuse in childhood. The author arrives at this conclusion by citing a study that explicitly states: “[A] child’s sexual orientation or attractions precede[s] the abuse … [These] findings do not imply that sexual abuse ‘causes’ boys to grow up with a homosexual preference.”

Perhaps most outrageously of all, Hasan has republished on his personal website an article on the subject of Osama bin Laden’s death:

The reaction says it all, there is celebration in the streets of New York, whilst silence in the streets of the Islamic world; freedom fighter or terrorist depends on whose perspective. There is no doubt many in the Islamic world and the non-Islamic world (e.g. Latin America), are privately mourning the death of Usamah Bin Laden, seen as a symbol of resistance to Western imperialism. Unlike Saddam Hussein and his ilk, Usamah Bin Laden died fighting like a Mujahid.

It is simplistic to call Usamah Bin Laden a terrorist, when his opponent has murdered much more civilians in Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan, that pre-dates 9/11. Likewise, to call Usamah a religious fanatic is hypocritical, when George Bush is the one claimed to be talking to God who allegedly inspired him to launch the war on the innocent people of Iraq.

Regardless if [sic] you agree with the methods used by Usamah and his men, as an individual he outdid his opponents. He was far more eloquent than George Bush, a semi-literate guy with a drink problem, who often embarrassed the US by his numerous idiotic statements. Usamah also had far more integrity than Tony Blair, unlike Blair he never lied and was generous with his wealth, constantly helping the needy, Jason Burke elaborates on this in his book, Al-Qaeda.

By hosting Abdullah Hasan, the East London Mosque has yet again revealed its true nature as a platform for some of the British Muslim community’s most extreme and hateful voices.

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