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Posted on Mar 11, 2013

iERA banned from University College London

iERA banned from University College London

The Islamic Research and Education Academy (iERA) has been banned from holding any further events at University College London (UCL).

This decision follows a recent event with academic Lawrence Krauss, who walked out of a debate after the iERA enforced gender segregation. Dana Sondergaard has written more about the incident here.

Yusuf Chambers, an iERA official, responded: “Where has the justice gone? We are truly living in the last days, we have reached a tipping point in the West, the time for practicing your faith here with ease has past -Allah knows best. We urge UCL to see sense and rescind this extremist Islamophobic action immediately.”

The iERA is an extreme Islaimist organization, whose staff  includes Islamist hate preachers such as Abdurraheem Green, Hamza Tzortzis (the opposing speaker at the debate) and Yusuf Chambers. For more details on their extremism, please read this earlier post


  1. They really can’t see their hypocrisy, in calling on liberal democracy to be tolerant of intolerance.

    • Or maybe irony is a better word.


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