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Posted on Jul 15, 2014

British Charity Al-Fatiha funds Hamas charity projects

British Charity Al-Fatiha funds Hamas charity projects

Al-Fatiha Global is a UK-registered charity currently under investigation by the Charity Commission for its alleged links to jihadi terrorism in Syria.

Last year, Stand for Peace revealed that trucks belonging to the “Aid for Syria Convoy” – a coalition of charities that includes Al-Fatiha Global – were named after convicted al-Qaeda terrorist Aafia Siddiqui. In addition, photos uncovered earlier this year are reported to show Adeel Ali, the head of Al Fatiha, posing with two armed Syrian fighters.


Stand for Peace has now learned that Al-Fatiha Global is working with the Green Valley Association, a Gaza-based Palestinian charity.

The Green Valley Association is funded in part by Aqsa Syarif, a pro-Hamas Malaysian NGO that also collaborates with the terror-funding Turkish IHH.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Green Valley Association is Ali Nassar, who is also a director of the Hamas-linked Al-Salah Society, designated by the US Treasury Department as “one of the largest and best-funded Hamas charitable organisations in the Palestinian territories.”

The Green Valley Association is also supported by Salem Salama, whom Reuters describes as “a senior member of the Islamist Hamas movement;” and Ahmad al-Kurd, a US-designated terrorist and a director of the Al-Salah Society.

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