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Posted on Apr 4, 2013

British National Party Condemns UKIP ‘Zionists’

British National Party Condemns UKIP ‘Zionists’

Both the Huffington Post and The Commentator have reported that an article reproduced from far-Right group the Third Way on the website of the British National Party (BNP) describes UKIP members as “Zionist cheer-leaders” and stated that “UKIP has sold-out to the Zionist lobby.”

The article claims:

UKIP still promotes the “brave, little Israel” propaganda so beloved of elderly Zionists. They would have you believe that Israel is a beacon of democracy which only defends itself from attack.

Yet we know that Israel is an aggressive military power that treats the Palestinians as less than human. Palestinians are prisoners in their own country forced to live behind walls and barbed wire and show passes to get through.

As you would expect from some second fiddles in the Zionist orchestra UKIP find a nuclear Iran unacceptable and say they would support efforts to eliminate its nuclear weapons capability “by targeted military means” if necessary. What form this “support” would take is not made clear.

The way in which the Zionist lobby seeks to influence the foreign and defence policy of our nation should be a matter of grave concern.

For several years, the BNP has claimed that it is harbours no hatred for Jews. Further, its leader Nick Griffin claims to renounce his previous comments that the Holocaust was the “the hoax of the 20th century”. As with so many political extremists from both the Left and Right who shroud their distate for Jews in the guise of anti-Zionism, it is clear what sort of party the BNP really is.

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