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Posted on Nov 28, 2013

Brunel University

Brunel University



Assad Sarwar, who studied earth sciences at Brunel before dropping out, was convicted in 2009 of “conspiracy to murder involving liquid bombs” due to his part in a plot to detonate liquid explosives on flights from London to the USA and Canada.[1]



In November 2011, Brunel University Islamic Society hosted a talk by Murtaza Khan, who was filmed for a Channel 4 documentary describing Christians and Jews as “filthy”, and as “enemies towards [Muslims]”.[2]

Uthman Lateef, who in 2007 was recorded telling Queen Mary students that we don’t accept homosexuality…we hate it because Allah hates it, spoke at Brunel in October 2013.[3]

In November 2012, Abu Usamah was invited by Brunel’s Islamic Society to speak at their ‘Legends Week’.[4] Mr. Usamah was filmed by a Channel 4 documentary saying, “Take that homosexual man and throw him off the mountain” and described homosexuals as “dirty, filthy dogs who should be murdered.”[5] He has described women as intellectually “incomplete” and “deficient”.[6]

A protest at Brunel in January 2012, sparked by the presence of an Israeli diplomat, is reported to have seen one student brandish an imitation firearm, contrary to Section 19 of the Firearm’s Act 1968, and it is alleged that anti-Semitic comments were made.[7]






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