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Posted on Jan 30, 2013

Cameron slaps down Galloway

PMQs today :

12:35 – George Galloway stands, and the Commons erupts in hatred at the man who must be parliament’s least popular MP. “Never here!” a Labour backbencher yells at him. “Who is he?” another yells. Galloway uses the word “adumbrate” in his question. He’s talking about Mali and Syria. “Has the prime minister read Frankenstein?” Galloway asks. Cameron responds: “Wherever there is a brutal Arab dictator in the world, he’ll have the support of the honourable gentleman.”


  1. Guys come on…`Cameron’s response is nothing but contemptible.’ Surely that ought to read `contemptuous’?

  2. The right honourable? How can that term be used in the same sentence as the name George Galloway? The man is scum

    • Spot on my friend.

  3. Too right ! That Scumbag Galloway supported Saddam Hussien! Got lots of money for it as well! Well done Cam-moron!

  4. even though I wish Galloway would die in his sleep and I don’t care about Assad either, why are we funding Jihadists in Syria, A…. Because Saudi Arabia want us to spread wahabism throughout the middle east

  5. Galloway is a hero. All your hatred for the muslim people is from the news, you believe the medias lies, you dont have any basis for disagreeing with Galloway when all your ‘research’ is simply told to you from the lying scum of Sky News. You are so thick that you literally believe your government is honest with you, LITERALLY despite the Iraqi Invasion facade, you STILL believe your government 100%. You all advocate the mass murder of the middle east, YOU are the scum.

    • Only another traitor would consider Galloway a hero. But I guess we are all wrong and you are right. Pffft!!!

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