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Posted on Sep 9, 2011

Carole Swords

Carole Swords

Carole Swords is secretary of Tower Hamlets Respect Party, a supporter of controversial Respect Mayor Luftur Rahman and a committed activist within the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Carole Swords believes that Christians should march on Israel to reclaim the ‘Holy Land‘.

Swords has previously been banned from Council premises after she threw a glass of water over Councillor Marc Francis in the Council chamber. [2] Other counter-extremists have raised fears over Swords’ links to Mahmoud Al-Zahar, with whom she was recently photographed. Al-Zahar has claimed that it is acceptable to kill Jewish children all over the World. [3]

Videos recommended by Respect’s Carole Swords on Facebook push the anti-semitic trope that the majority of European Jews have no genetic relationship to the populations of the Middle East, and I notice that the ‘80~90% Jews are NOT Semite’ video tellingly includes links to David Duke’s website and ‘Jew Watch’.

Carole Swords was recently condemned by a number of groups, including the Community Security Trust, the Jewish anti-racism organisation, after she was filmed shouting at Jewish supporters, “Go back to Russia”. [1]


On Facebook, Carole Swords has recently linked to a video of Holocaust denier Lady Renouf. At the end of the clip, Renouf claims that Christian support for Israel shows that there is no longer any Christianity, only “Holocaustianity”.




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