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Posted on Aug 19, 2014

Charity Commission launches inquiry into Human Aid UK

Charity Commission launches inquiry into Human Aid UK

The Charity Commission has announced a “statutory inquiry” into Human Aid, to investigate “concerns about the charity’s management, including concerns about poor financial controls and record keeping, including inadequate fundraising controls, and concerns about a lack of trustee oversight.”

The Commission gave no reason for its decision to launch an investigation, but Third Sector notes that “charities [like Human Aid] working in Syria and neighbouring countries have been a particular concern for the commission in recent months. In addition, the police have made several arrests this year while investigating charity fraud with potential links to terrorism in the area.”

In a statement issued on its website, Human Aid complained of “an active policy to restrict the work of charities in Syria, through continuous monitoring and investigations.”

Stand for Peace has raised concerns about the activities of Human Aid in the recent past, reporting on 7 July that an event run by Human Aid included as guest speakers such radical Islamists and hate preachers as Yusha Evans and Adnan Rashid.

Since then, on 19 July and 11 August respectively, Human Aid has hosted Yvonne Ridley and Abdul Hadi Arwani. Arwani is the Imam of the terror-linked An-Noor Mosque in Acton. Ridley has publicly admitted to funding Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group, and has called for “victory to Hamas!”

In Syria, Human Aid works hand-in-hand with the Turkish IHH, which the Human Aid website describes as “our partner agency.” The IHH is a banned terrorist organisation under Israeli, German and Dutch law. It has been accused by the Free Syrian Army of “gun-running to Syria on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood,” and by Turkish authorities of “transferring funds to al-Qaeda.”

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