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Posted on May 19, 2014

Christian Aid

Christian Aid

Christian Aid is an “international development charity” that represents 41 churches in Britain and Ireland. The charity’s last set of accounts declare an annual income of over £95 million. Tens of millions of this money comes from the taxpayer, including, in 2012-13, grants worth €7.6m (£6.4m) from the European Commission and £7 million from the Department for International Development’s Programme Partnership Arrangement.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day in 2010, Christian Aid published an article comparing Nobel Peace Prize winner, Israeli President Shimon Peres, to a Nazi. Although Christian Aid later attempted to withdraw the claim, many critics suggest the charity promotes an extremist narrative. Christian Aid’s choice of partners, for instance, reveals the highly politicised nature of the charity’s work.

Christian Aid funds and supports groups such as:

Al Haq

Al Haq is a Palestinian NGO whose General Director, Shawan Jabarin, has been denied exit visas by Israel and Jordan on several occasions due to his alleged ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a Marxist terror group. A 2008 ruling by the Israeli Supreme Court noted that Jabarin is “among the senior activists of the Popular Front terrorist organization,” having formerly been convicted of arranging PFLP training outside Israel. Al Haq has also advocated sabotaging the Israeli justice system by “flooding the [Israeli Supreme] Court with petitions in the hope of obstructing its functioning and resources.”

DCI – Palestine

Defence for Children International – Palestine Section (DCI-Pal) is a “non-governmental child rights organisation” with links to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a terrorist entity blacklisted by the European Union, United States and Canada. According to a DCI-Pal report, Christian Aid has funded DCI-Pal’s reports.

Both DCI-Pal’s Founder and Director, Rifat Kassis, and its President, Randa Siniora, are connected to the PFLP through their respective associations with Nassar Ibrahim, former editor of the PFLP’s weekly newspaper; and Shawan Jabarin, a convicted PFLP terrorist who has been refused entry to Jordan. Kassis is on the Board of Directors of the Alternative Information Center (AIC), where Ibrahim is Policy Director; while Siniora is on the General Assembly of Al-Haq, where Jabarin is General Director.

Al-Haq is also promoted on the DCI-Pal website, and Shawan Jabarin was at one time on DCI-Pal’s Board of Directors.

Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees

The Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC) is an overtly political NGO whose website stresses its commitment to the “National Struggle.” NGO Monitor has documented the PARC’s use of “demonising rhetoric,” “racially-charged language” and “false and inflammatory claims.”

Culture & Free Thought Association

The Culture & Free Thought Association (CFTA) is a “Fatah-affiliated” NGO, according to the Ma’an News Agency.[“Hamas continues arrests of Fatah members, clashes with Army of Islam in Gaza,” BBC Worldwide Monitoring, 27 July 2008] Fatah, the party of government in the Palestinian Authority, recently awarded $100,000 and the honorary rank of brigadier-general to Muqdad Salah, a Palestinian man who spent 20 years in an Israeli prison after beating a 72-year-old Holocaust survivor to death with an iron bar.

Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme for Palestine and Israel

The Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme for Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) is a Christian NGO that stands accused by NGO Monitor of “present[ing] a one-sided Palestinian narrative,” using “inflammatory and demonizing rhetoric,” and even “instigat[ing] confrontations with Israeli settlers and the Israeli army.” The EAPPI promotes the work and opinions of Dr Mazin Qumseyeh, an anti-Semitic Palestinian Christian who has written of the “Zionist-controlled mainstream media” and engages in Holocaust revisionism.


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  1. How sad that any organisation apparently giving the Christian view of the world should be so negative about Israel, the home of the Jewish people. I am not familiar with any criticism of other countries but I may not have the full picture. This organisation has certainly moved a long way away from their routes. Sadly so many people think because it has the word Christian it must be good and righteous. If only it were so. And where are they on the events in Syria and other oppressive middle east states, The Palestinian Authority and Gaza for example? I don’t know but I can make an educated guess….

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