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Posted on Mar 6, 2014

Convivencia Trust

Convivencia Trust

The Convivencia Trust, a UK-registered charity whose mission is “to promote social inclusion for the public benefit by working with people … who are socially excluded on the grounds of their ethnic origin, religion, belief or creed,” is in fact run by anti-Semites, sectarian hate-speakers and misogynists.

The Trust’s founder, Adnan Rashid, who identifies himself as an Islamist, is a conspiracy theorist who believes that General Sisi of Egypt and Saudi clerics of the Madkhalist school are Israeli agents working against Islam. He considers atheism to be “like a disease,” and describes atheists as “emotionally unstable.” Rashid also admires convicted al-Qaeda terrorist Aafia Siddiqui, referring to her as “sister” and even suggesting that she should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He argues that rape is the “price” that women must pay for the “free[dom] to work in mixed offices or to go to mixed colleges.”

Some of Rashid’s views are also shared by his son, Musa Adnan, who serves as the Trust’s volunteer coordinator. Adnan believes, for example, that “guys and girls can never be true friends” because “it is not natural for men and women to free [sic] mix and be friends.” He advises that Muslims and non-Muslims should not intermingle either.

The Trust’s chairman, Shabir Sajed (aka Abu Raiyan), is an anti-Semite who shares images on Facebook praising Hitler for “kill[ing] Jews to save [his] nation,” accusing the Jews of controlling US President Barack Obama and the United Nations, and suggesting that Jews were responsible for 9/11. He also hates Shi’ites, denouncing them as “dogs,” “donkeys of Jews,” “Kuffar,” and a “firqa [sect] of the Yahood [Jews].”

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