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Posted on Dec 13, 2013

Did the National Union of Students contribute to report supporting Gender Apartheid?

Did the National Union of Students contribute to report supporting Gender Apartheid?

On 22nd November, Universities UK, which represents 132 British universities and colleges, published a set of legal guidelines in which it was proposed that enforced gender segregation in public lectures may be permissible if the external speaker demands it on religious grounds.

The report has been roundly condemned, not least by Prime Minister David Cameron, Education Secretary Michael Gove and the Equality & Human Rights Commission. On 10th December, protesters demonstrated outside the London offices of Universities UK after 8,000 people (now, at the time of writing, over 9,000) signed a petition to rescind Universities UK’s endorsement of gender segregation. Signatories included AC Grayling, Peter Tatchell and Polly Toynbee.

The National Union of Students (NUS) was conspicuously absent from the voices expressing outrage at the Universities UK report. The NUS, in fact, expressed its support for the guidelines. NUS Vice-President Colum McGuire told the Independent: “We fully support UUK guidance and worked with them to advise on best practice in these matters.”

Nor have plans to segregate the sexes on campus stirred NUS Women’s Officer Kelley Temple or the NUS Women’s Campaign into action. The latter has tweeted only once since 22nd November (not about gender segregation), and there is no mention of the issue on its website.

NUS WomCam

As for NUS Women’s Officer Kelley Temple, she may be having kittens, but it’s certainly not about the gender apartheid permitted under her watch.

Kelley Temple 1

Did the NUS have any role in helping to draft the Universities UK report? Doses Kelley Temple sincerely give her countenance to segregation by gender? Stand for Peace has emailed, telephoned and tweeted the NUS on six separate occasions since the Universities UK report was published, but answers to our questions and requests for comment have all been ignored. In light of this abdication of responsibility, Stand for Peace calls upon Kelley Temple to resign as NUS Women’s Officer.

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  1. Both of them should resign its outrageous

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