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Posted on Mar 5, 2013

Dutch Youth Praise Hitler’s Murder of Jews

Dutch Youth Praise Hitler’s Murder of Jews


A video that appeared on Dutch TV recently shows a roundtable of adults and children discussing Jews. The children praise Hitler and his genocidal inclinations. One of the boys says, “on the one hand I am satisfied with what Hitler did with the Jews…” while another responds that Hitler was justified in killing millions of Jews because “now millions of Palestinians are being killed.”

The four young boys are joined in a roundtable by an older gentleman (identified as Mehmet Sahin, a researcher at Amsterdam’s Vrije Universiteit) who repeatedly challenges their assertions. When one of the boys asks the interviewer if he hates Jews, they seem surprised when he responds in the negative.

Later, the same boy who originally praised Hitler, says, ” as far as I’m concerned Hitler should have killed all Jews, ” a remark that merited laughs from the group of boys.

The interviewer, who repeatedly expresses his indignation at the boys’ opinions, ask them where they got their hatred for the Jews from–”from friends” they answer, noting that the term “Jew” is used as a curse word and that nobody at their school likes Jews.

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  1. Goodbye Nederland, it was nice knowing you.

  2. B”H

    So ironic that in a day when people are so viscerally repulsed by the very mention of the word “genocide”, Antisemitism and Hitler-worship are on the rise, even in countries where Hitler was hated during WWII. The one thing in all this that makes me feel optimistic is that the person questioning them, who didn’t hate Jews and was shocked the teens hated Jews, was named Mehmet (which is a Muslim name). I don’t know if he is Muslim, but I hope so. I hope more people begin to realize that Jew Hatred is a crutch, a lie, a way to let life pass you by without taking any responsibility for your failures (“it’s all the fault of Jews, you know…..”). When the next generation defines their lives and their generation by hatred, I fear for the future.

  3. The ‘yoof’ of today, etc… Showing how spectacularly ignorant they are. Apparently, it’s all the rage. I’m reminded of William Golding’s book ‘Lord of the Flies’. You’d have to look out the film for this bunch though, as they’ve probably never read more than a comic or the instructions to a video game.

  4. And where is the perfectly reasonable comment I uploaded earlier? Or do you have a script for what people’s opinions should be?

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