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Posted on Aug 6, 2013

Exploiting Charitable Giving

Exploiting Charitable Giving

It was reported a few weeks ago that a number of charities have lost donations pledged through an intermediate website called Charity Giving, which itself is run by the Dove Trust. Charity Giving has been shut down by the Charity Commission after investigators uncovered “serious concerns about its mismanagement”. The Commission announced: “In order to protect funds the public has raised and prevent further charitable pledges being made via the website the decision has been made to suspend the portal with immediate effect.”

The Dove Trust, which runs CharityGiving, was initially investigated by the Charity Commission after it emerged the Trust had loaned hundreds of thousands of pounds (Page 17) to companies managed by the charity’s main trustee.

There is, however, another side to groups such as Charity Giving: These donation ‘portals’ allow self-declared ‘non-profit’ groups without charitable status to claim gift aid – i.e taxpayers’ money – to fund their activities; some of which do not appear charitable at all.

Green and Black Cross (GBC), for example, is an “entirely independent grassroots project set up in the spirit of mutual aid and solidarity to support autonomous social struggles within the UK.”

GBC and its affiliates offer advice on issues such as legal rights for those protesting, taking part in ‘die-ins’ and occupations, as well as prison survival guides. GBC regularly operates out of the London Action Resource Centre, which is also a home for the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). The ISM has been condemned for its support of terrorists within the Palestinian territories.

GBC appears to openly condone and admit to violence, with one GBC spokesperson stating, while explaining his admiration for Italian anarchist groups, “They are light-years ahead of us in terms of aggression…While we’re throwing bricks at the police, they’re setting off bombs.”

GBC works closely with a number of anarchist, far-Left and anti-Jewish organisations. In early May, GBC supported a number of protest actions in London, organised by ‘Palestine Place’. Palestine Place is openly supportive of terror movements. In 2012, Palestine Place hosted an event, by videolink, with terror group leader Khader Adnan.  Adnan is a senior leader of Islamic Jihad, which is a proscribed terror group under UK, EU and US law. Islamic Jihad has an antisemitic charter, which calls for “Jihad against the Jewish existence in Palestine”. Further, the organisation routinely murders Jews through suicide bombings and other violent means.

Most recently, Palestine Place, with the support of GBC, organised a series of occupations in central London aimed at Jewish organisations who run factories in the West Bank.

GBC encourages donations, and maintains a page at Charity Giving. Although GBC is not a charity, and, seemingly, does not even have a registered company, it receives donations through CharityGiving that appears to include gift aid – reclaimed taxpayers’ money.  Stand for Peace spoke with Charitygiving several months ago, who confirmed that those groups they deem to be ‘charitable’ receive both the donation and the gift aid – the latter of which Charitygiving claims on their behalf and then grants the money on.

How many politicised groups are exploiting charity giving vehicles in this way?

Stand for Peace has reported before on the manner in which extremist groups exploit the good intentions of others. In the case of GBC and the Dove Trust, though, it appears there is crooked behaviour all round.

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