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Posted on Oct 29, 2013

Pavlo Lapshyn

Pavlo Lapshyn


Pavlo Lapshyn is a 25 year-old Ukrainian scientist found guilty of murdering an 83 year old Muslim pensioner Mohammed Saleem as well as conducting a series of bomb attacks on mosques. He has since been handed down a life sentence.

Stand for Peace has trawled Lapshyn’s VKontakte (a social media platform popular in Russia and Eastern Europe) to find that Lapyshn’s politics subsisted on national socialism, anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment.

As has already been widely reported, Pavlo Lapshyn glorified the Turner Diaries on his social media account, using them for his ‘avatar’ and username. The Turner Diaries are a notorious piece of racial-themed hate fiction written in the 1970s by Dr William Pierce, a leading  far-Right academic. The novel approvingly depicts a violent revolution in which the “impure” – i.e.  Jews, gays and non-whites – are exterminated.

Lapshyn’s account also featured an image and a song praising Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma bomber, which Lapshyn posted on the night of his bomb attack against the Walsall mosque. According to Ukrainian News, Lapshyn’s account also featured a poem, later deleted, in praise of Nikola Korolef, the leader of Russian neo-Nazi terror group SPAS. Korolef was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2008 for a number of violent crimes, including his involvement in a 2006 bomb-attack on a Moscow market that killed over 14 people.

Further, Lapyhn’s social media account featured a video, posted on the website of the pro-Korolef Russian ‘Support Association for White Political Prisoners’, between extreme Christian hate preacher and convicted criminal James Wickstorm and ‘Abe Finkelstein’, who claims to be a Rabbi. The far-Right frequently cites this spurious ‘interview’ as evidence of the ‘subversive’ nature of ‘World Jewry’. The ‘interview’ focuses on classical anti-Semitic themes — the ‘Rabbi’ ‘admits’ that the Jews were responsible for the 9/11 attacks; the Holocaust was a money-making scheme; and the women rights’ movement is aZionist conspiracy to reduce the birth rates among non-Jewish Americans.


In another post, from the 17th of July, Lapshyn expresses support for Germany’s most significant postwar far-right terror group, the mysterious Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund, which, between 2000 and 2011, was responsible for a series of murders, bomb attacks and bank robberies.


The post included lyrics to the song ‘18’, by a small Brandenburg-Based German Nazi band ‘Hassgesang’ (literally, in English: “hate singing”). The lyrics include comments such as: “Adolf Hitler you lead us the way”, Hitler was “misunderstood and demonised”,  “the Jew wanted to permanently make a nest for himself in Europe” with the help of the “American-Zionists” and that Hitler wished to “bring the salvation” of Germany from “The Jews, Communism and all evil”.  The song is from the band’s 2005 album BZLTB (German acronyms for “Until the last drop of blood”).

The most significant song in the album, placed on a state index of ‘media harmful to minors’, is entitled ‘Israel’. Its lyrics state “the brave people of Palestine should be worshipped as they are the last people on earth to resist the Jews… In Palestine there is a country called Israel … the best solution be named; Eradicate that country… It is known across the world that the Jew doesn’t think much of work … All the world is committed to the protocols, which guarantee that the Jews get what they want… So that we see a lot of smoke in Tel Aviv soon… Point the Nuclear Rockets at Israel”


Lapshyn lists among the pages he follows Slavic Revival ‘Wotan-Jugend – The hammer of National Socialism’. Wotan Jugend is a Russian extremist band described by academics as “openly neo-Nazi”. Its VKontakte page includes numerous references to Hitler and Nazi race policies and the promotion of far-right street hooliganism in Russia. The group also promoted an illegal internet hacking attack, where images of a severed pig’s head lying on top of a Quran were posted on Islamic webpages during Eid-al-Fitr.  VKontakte is urged to take strong action against such pages, especially as the social media is already the preferred social network and propaganda venue for dangerous extremists, including the inner circle of supporters of the convicted mass murder, Andreas Breivik.


– Colin Ethelson





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