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Posted on Aug 16, 2013

Galloway Purges Respect Party of Dissenters

Galloway Purges Respect Party of Dissenters

George Galloway has expressed his desire to run in the London Mayoral elections, telling Mark McGowan that, “I have a committee exploring it now…It’s a shrunken field – Boris Johnson won’t be running. Ken Livingstone won’t be running, I would never have run against Ken Livingstone as he’s a very old friend of mine. Labour will field Ken Livingstone minus, the Tories will field Boris Johnson minus… I can win, yeah.”

Following the comments, five  councillors on Bradford council have said they may leave the Respect Party if Galloway abandons the city in favour of London.

When The Guardian contacted Galloway’s aide Ron McKay for a response, Galloway suspended two of the councillors and condemned another three, citing “disloyalty”. In an email, Respect stated:

“Two of your sources for this latest attack… are already in the process of disciplinary action for factional disloyalty. They are jumping from your low bridge before they are pushed. It is a documented fact that for months now all five councillors have been conspiring to seize executive power in the Bradford party, so their motivation is more than a little suspect … There is high tension between the MP and them that’s true. The MP’s frustration with them is shared by many party members, and many of their constituents. Two of them are already facing disciplinary action and so I cannot comment on their cases meantime. All five, then unknown, were elected in the wake of my election victory. Does anyone doubt that they would never have been elected but for that? For months now they have been making concerted attempts to take control of the Bradford party, which I have strongly resisted.”


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