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Posted on Dec 16, 2011

Gary Spedding

Gary Spedding

Gary Spedding is chair of the Queen’s University Belfast Palestine Solidarity Society. The Jewish Chronicle has reported that Spedding works for the Holy Land Trust charity, which seeks to “empower Palestinians in the West Bank”.[1]

Sadly, these titles do not mean Spedding supports human rights; it means he abuses the honourable pursuit of human rights for his own political purposes.

Support for Norman Finkelstein

Spedding’s review of ‘American Radical: Trials of Norman Finkelstein’:

The film American Radical is one which displays a man who has worked tirelessly on the issue of human rights in the middle east and has been demonized by the american government, the israeli government and the media. This film shows the difficulties faced by those wishing to tell the truth even when that truth is inconvenient or does not fit with what others have been taught to believe. Upon watching the film it will leave you feeling inspired by the strength and courage of norman finkelstein and his sheer humanity. His strength and resolve is shown throughout the film given he deals with many topics which are not only very sensitive to others especially the Jewish people but also to himself as the son of Holocaust survivors, the way in which he deals with such topics is in a manner i would describe as brilliant and commendable considering the huge personal difficulties Norman must face comming from the background he does and the responsibilities he has taken on himself to stand up for what is rightand just. Nobody could care more about the suffering of their own people than Norman and yet his ability to take such history and past and walk along the road of deeper compassion kindness and forgivness is amazing truly it brings tears the the eye. The entire film is a true depiction of just how difficult the world of politics can be when dealing with topics people would rather ignore or hide away from it also displays the power of a select few political elite in american politics. I would recomend this film to any who is interested in the issues surrounding Israel and the wider middle east. The personal stories revealed in this film show the harsh reality of the political entity which is the israeli state it reveals that there are those who abuse the Jewish suffering in the world to hide the suffering which is being inflicted on others under the pretext of “self defense”. There is nothing else i can really say on this film except that it is simply an emotional rollercoaster which sheds light on those with the strength to continue even after such history. The way it is put together, directed and displayed is fair and invigorating. A must watch.[2]

Spedding writes on the Z-word blog:

“I think that accusing someone of being a fifth rate anti-semite needs justification. For example i have witnessed people trying to accuse Norman Finkelstein of being an Anti-Semite and worse a holocaust denyer because of his accurate commentary and work on the Holocaust industry even though he is A, Jewish and B, the child of holocaust survivors. I suppose that everyone who criticizes israel and its policies is an anti-semite in your views right? So by your standards the Left wing in Israel who would and do agree with Ben White are also all Anti-Semitic? I suppose i am as well by your standards simply for pointing these things out. If your going to accuse someone of being an Anti-Semite you need to be able to back it up with evidence before you try and make silly slanderous statements about them.”[3]

His ‘friend’ Norman Finkelstein:

Ah but Anny, I do live in Palestine and i know alot about this conflict! accusing people of not knowing about the conflict by the way just because they dont live there is silly really, theres countless middle east experts who dont live in Israel who know about the conflict in great detail, my friend norman finkelstein for one…. i would agree with my friend norman finkelstein when he describes israel as a lunatic state.[4]

Holy Land Trust

Spedding has described Sami Awad, head of the Holy Land Trust, as a “Best Friend, Mentor, colleague and leader”[5]

Both Spedding and Awad claim to believe in nonviolent ‘resistance’, although Awad makes it clear that this doesn’t entail condemning violence: “This is not a substitute for the armed struggle. This is not a method for normalization with the occupation. Our goal is to revive the popular resistance until every person is involved in dismantling the occupation.”[6]

Both Sami Awad (RTing Sizer[7]) and Atallah Hanna have defended the antisemite and Swastika-fan[8] Raed Salah, in public.

Awad will be talking at the Christ at the Checkpoint conference 2012, alongside various Christian antizionists who have been associated with terrorists, and recommend the writings of Holocaust deniers.[9]

The notorious antisemite Ben White has been pushing this conference, as an event where he can have respectful dialogue with Christian academics and preachers, in a fair and moderate setting.

Sami Awad presents himself as a moderate, but he is not quite so moderate as he appears. He has compared Palestinian terrorists with Jesus, and Israel with Herod. [10]

Certainly Awad doesn’t afford credibility to his reputation as a ‘moderate’ by hosting the  extreme Greek Orthodox priest Atallah Hanna at the Holy Land Trust[11]:

Awad & hanna.jpg

According to reports in popular evangelical magazine Christianity Today, Atallah Hanna supports suicide bombings – a position that drew outrage from the paper. Hanna apparently said this:

“As you know, political parties in Palestine agree to the continuation of the intifada, which includes different approaches of struggle. Some freedom fighters adopt martyrdom or suicide bombing, while others opt for other measures. But all these struggles serve the continued intifada for freedom. Therefore, we support all these causes.


We are part of the intifada, so you don’t expect us to keep distance and watch. We are in the struggle, whether it’s martyrdom or any other means, we are part of it.”[12]

Spedding noted, “Sami you have taught me so much and I hope that I have represented you in a good way in my writings, you are a light to me in this time much as Jesus Christ is a light for all of us!”

“My deepest love goes out to you, my thanks and appreciation nothing can really substantiate in words what you mean to the people here or what you mean to me!”[13]

Shalit deal

Spedding echoes Deborah Orr’s heavily criticised claims of Jewish supremacism guiding the motivation behind the deal to exchange over 1000 Palestinian criminals and terrorists for the liberty of Gilad Shalit, a point that was denounced as antisemitic by a wide variety of sources – Spedding writes: “There is a point that needs addressing in the use of language by media outlets because of the specifics in the deal surrounding Shalit’s release especially in the mainstream media in the USA and Israel reporting along the lines of ’1000 or more terrorists to be exchanged in prisoner swap for Gilad Shalit’ this viewpoint is highly inaccurate it degrades the Palestinian prisoners being swapped for Gilad Shalit whilst reinforcing the current view among many right wing zionists and their supporters that 1 jewish life is of more value than say 1000 Arab lives which is incredibly racist in and of itself.”[14]

Duplicitous Language – ‘moral’ apologism for terror

Spedding writes: “Hamas rockets are and should be condemned but they also need to be understood in order to progress forward with any plan for peace and justice. It does not excuse Hamas rocket fire but it explains it in an accurate way to state that the home-made rockets of hamas are a desperate attempt by angry and desperate people who join up with militant groups at taking out revenge against Israel the 4th most well equipped and armed army in the world and against israeli civilians (which is totally unacceptable and unjustifiable in terms of attacking civilians).”[15]

Fogel Family Murders

Spedding, sickeningly, writes, “The J’post article sickening invokes the cloudy and unclear death of the Fogel family an attack which I have the report and pictures of in my email inbox from the day after it happened. I find it sick that the J’post is still using this attack for political gain suggesting Palestinians are to blame when there has been no further information, news or otherwise released about the murders since the IDF conveniently caught two Palestinians kept them in torture for a month until they ‘confessed’ and then announced they had caught the killers despite the evidence and speculation of it being the work of a migrant worker from asia.”[16]

This was published months after the murders, when it had been made clear that Palestinian terrorists were responsible for the brutal killings.

Disruptions (with Sinn Fein)

An Israeli law lecturer had to be rescued by security officers when a seminar was abandoned after being disrupted by pro-Palestinian demonstrators, led by Gary Spedding.

Solon Solomon, a former legal adviser to the Knesset Foreign Affairs committee, had been invited to speak to law school students at Queen’s University in Belfast. But he was heckled by members of the university’s Palestine Solidarity Society (PSS) and the youth wing of Sinn Féin shortly after starting his lecture about the legality of Israel’s security wall on Wednesday last week.

Mr Spedding, who led the disruption in the lecture theatre by shouting at Mr Solomon, said the attack on the Israeli’s car was not perpetrated by PPS supporters and said he did not condone violence.[17]


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