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Posted on Mar 13, 2013

George Galloway Banned from University of Chester

George Galloway Banned from University of Chester

An invitation for George Galloway MP to speak at an event organised by the University of Chester’s Debating Society has been revoked by the Student Union, after it upheld the National Union of Students’ no-platform order against Galloway — a consequence of Galloway’s recent bigoted behaviour.

Galloway’s office has released a statement which described the no platform policy as, “idiotic, anti-democratic and politically-motivated.”

In recent months, Galloway has:

  • described the sexual attacks by alleged rapist Julian Assange as merely “bad sexual etiquette”
  • refused to debate with a student because of his nationality – a prejudice described by the National Union of Students as racist
  • eulogised the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez as a “a veritable Spartacus”
  • continued to present a television show on pro-Assad Lebanese TV station al-Mayadeen (in which, most recently, he said it “would be an honour” for Bahrain to be a branch of Hezbollah, the Lebanese terrorist group)


  1. Isn’t University of Chester one of the bottom of the league colleges in the UK .. so who cares what its unintellectual 4th tier students and their union thinks. The UK has lost its way. It makes no sense.

    • Nah, it’s ranked 46 in the country out of 120 and projected to continue rising. It’s only been a university for 7 years too, so I’d say that’s actually quite impressive.

      It is stupid that he’s been banned though. It would have been better to debate him on it, rather than ban him.

  2. I see freedom of speech is heavily suppressed for white people, to the point of banning us from speaking outside our own front doors. I never see extremist Muslims have their freedom of speech culled, if fact the police are the ones protecting them from an enraged public.

    The Julian Assange sex scandal was fabricated by the American media, because he exposed their international crimes against humanity too often. Assange is innocent.
    Galloway refused to debate a Jew. Judaism is an evil desert cult based on lying, money worship and absolute supremacy above all other races. He has every reason to refuse debating someone who is infinitely bigoted and egotistical.
    Hugo Chavez did a lot of good for his people, but he doesn’t comply with America and their demands, so therefore he is an evil dictator according to this joke of a website; which then accuses him of presenting terrorist TV in Lebanon. I find this claim hard to believe, the facts must have been twisted like the previous 3 statements.

    Galloway is a great man and is one of the last British MPs who actually cares about Britain.

    • @HTB. Evil desert based cult? The land of Canaan isn’t a desert. Land flowing with milk and honey, innit?
      Perhaps you’re thinking of that other lot with the black meteorite.

    • So according to you, Judaism is an evil desert cult based on lying, money worship and absolute supremacy above all other races?!… First, you’re wrong but it’s impossible to convince an antisemite that antisemitism is wrong… Second, you may find it hard to believe but the Lebanese terrorist TV stuff is true… There’s even a clip in the article above… Third, I completely disagree with your opinion but I will die to protect your right to express it… Even though I very much doubt you will return the favor… Antisemites are never true democrats…

    • Galloway has fawned over and sycophantically praised Assad,Saddam Hussain and North Korea amongst others, he is a mouthpiece for Iran through his Press TV appearances, Iran- who like to hang accused gay youths from cranes, rape women detainees, stone to death women accused of adultery and other mediaeval barbarisms – He has also supported attacks on our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
      Galloway is an arrogant self publicist who it appears will support tin pot dictators and oppressive regimes the world over, you seem to be a deluded, bed wetting fascist looking for a kindred spirit to fall behind, you’ve made the right choice. Put your conspiracy picture books and your crack pipe down for five minutes open your eyes and get out more.

  3. Obviously University of Chester hasn’t been bought by either Saudi or Iranian fascist money: well done!

  4. Well done Chester!

  5. Congratulations to the National Union of Students

    Galloway can only gain attention by such behaviour and has nothing to add to civilized debate. He should go and live in one of the police states he is so fond of!

  6. I look forward to the day that Mr Galloway is banned from breathing

  7. huh…and they talk about freedom of speech……
    what a joke!

  8. Good for Chester University, though I would have liked to have debated this man.

  9. George Galloway should be banned from the entire universe,the man is a traitor to England,full stop.Obnoxious,odious little man,toadying up to the muslims so they won’t feel obliged to kill him….lower than a snakes’ belly.Well done to Chester.


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