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Posted on May 21, 2014

Hate preachers to speak at terror-connected An-Noor Mosque

Hate preachers to speak at terror-connected An-Noor Mosque

On the 26 May, a terror-connected Mosque in Acton is hosting an event with two of Britain’s most extreme hate preachers, Khalid Fikry and Murtaza Khan. The An-Noor Cultural and Community Centre is already well-known, but for all the wrong reasons.

In November 2013, 27-year-old terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed escaped from the mosque dressed in a burqa, while under a terrorism prevention and investigation measure (TPIM), a court-approved order which requires suspects to report to authorities every day and wear a tracking device. Earlier that year, Ali Almanasfi, a British jihadist who attended An-Noor, was reported to have been killed in Syria.

The same year, videos were published online which featured Uthman Mustafa Kamal, the son of recently convicted terrorist Abu Hamza, preaching at the An-Noor mosque – inviting his audience to “sell the life of this world for the Hereafter (and) fight in the cause of Allah” and to pray for the “mujahids” [holy warriors]. Another video published in 2012 features Ustadh Mustafa Omar, a young preacher, declaring that when “Jews, Zionists, all of those people” seek to mock the Islamic prophet Mohammad, his name should be “defended” and demands “the sword, the open sword, against anyone who tries to degrade the Prophet.”

The 26 May event features two extremist speakers. The first, Khalid Fikry (also spelled Fekry) is a is a sectarian cleric who describes Shia Muslims as “the worst and greatest enemies against our Ummah [Islamic nation]”. He is an enthusiastic supporter of a number of convicted terrorists, including Omar Abdul Rahman, who he claims was the victim of “a false accusation and a political court” presided over by a “Jew Judge”; and Aafia Siddiqui, a convicted terrorist described by FBI Director Robert S. Mueller as “an al-Qaeda operative and facilitator,” but who Fikry demands be released.

The second speaker is Murtaza Khan, a 9/11 Truther who has said, “We [Muslims] did not take down the Twin Towers. You [non-Muslims] yourselves took them down. So in your disguise of ‘war on terror’, you will kill your own people, because you don’t care about them.” Khan has claimed that “the worst Muslim is better than the best Kaffir,” and has declared: “Divide and rule isn’t something new, okay? That’s what al-Yahud [the Jews] were doing … in Medina, okay? They made them [the Muslims] fight amongst themselves, so then they could do what? They could be in power – they could control Medina, okay? So just like today, Muslims are fighting amongst one another, and who’s controlling everything? Who’s there on the side, sitting there, controlling … our affairs?” Khan also advocates the death penalty for homosexuals and describes non-Muslims as “filthy”.

One of the Directors of An-Noor Mosque is Daud Abdullah, the former deputy-secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, with which the British government severed links after Abdullah became a signatory to the Istanbul Declaration, a document which called for attacks on British troops and Jewish communities.

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