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Posted on Feb 18, 2014

iERA representatives in their own words

iERA representatives in their own words

Adnan Rashid

“I’d rather women live[d] in Saudi Arabia under the protection of Islam (and not drive, which I don’t agree with) … [where] women are not free to work in mixed offices or to go to mixed colleges as they are free in the West … Women in the Muslim world are generally not raped by their husbands because they don’t usually refuse to have intimacy with them … An average Saudi woman lives like a queen in comparison to a Western woman.”

Saleem Chagtai

“If you want to leave Islam, then that is considered pretty much one of the worst things you can do, so it’s definitely not allowed. It is seen as a kind of act of treason. If a person makes [their decision to leave Islam] open and shouts it from the rooftops, then that’s dealt with in pretty much the way of treason.”

Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

“[The Taliban] was something which was quite innocent … It was innocent Muslim people trying to bring [Afghanistan] back together after … years of destruction … And there was a lot of positive, good things happening [under the Taliban] … [T]heir intent was good. They were trying to do good things … [for the] benefit [of] the country.”

Zakir Naik

“If [Osama Bin Laden] is fighting the enemies of Islam, I am for him. If he is terrorising the terrorists, if he is terrorizing America the terrorist, the biggest terrorist, I am with him. Every Muslim should be a terrorist.”

Salem Al-Amry

“Homosexuality, the punishment for it … is capital punishment. Allah … destroyed the town of Sodom where the people of Lot lived, because they were doing anal, they were involved in that shameful deed. And now, in this Jahiliyyah [ignorant] civilisation it is something legal! And now they are teaching homosexuality in schools! So, don’t be surprised if your little son comes and says, ‘Daddy, I’m homo.’ Because that is the system you are living in.”

Hussain Yee

“The Jews, they have gone so far against Allah’s commands. They like to do a lot of things that are very extreme. The most extremist nation in this world is the Jews. So if they used ‘extremists’, it doesn’t apply to Muslims. It applies to the Jews. They are the extremists in the world.  That’s why they kill the Palestinians every day … If they want to kill, they kill, because they believe that they are the chosen people … And the blood that is not Jewish, they are all like animals, you can kill them and they don’t feel that it is a sin.”

Abdur Raheem Green

“First of all I don’t like to use this word ‘gay’. This word ‘gay’, to use it is already to be fooled by the propaganda of these people, okay? This word is used in order to make this evil and vile act acceptable in society. They should be called at least homosexuals; this is the least. Better to use a more derogatory term like sodomites; this is a better term.”

Hamza Tzortzis

“We as Muslims reject the idea of freedom of speech, and even the idea of freedom. We see under the Khilafah [caliphate] … this idea of freedom was redundant, it was unnecessary …”

Yusuf Chambers

“May Allah allow us to bring back that punishment [of stoning for adulterers] to protect all humanity, InshaAllah.”

Abdullah Hakim Quick

“They said, ‘what is the Islamic position [on homosexuality]?’ And I told them, ‘Put my name in the paper. The punishment is death.’ I’m not going to change this religion.”

Yusuf Estes

“[If your wife is disobedient,] roll up a newspaper and give her a crack. Or take a yardstick, something like this, and you can hit [her].”

Haitham Al-Haddad

“[W]e must reflect on the reality of the conflict between us and the Jews, the enemies of God, and the descendants of apes and pigs. O brothers! The conflict between us and the Jews is religious, historic, civilisational, and infinitely complex; it is not bounded by time or place … They are one of the armies of the devil, of which Allah the Almighty said … assault them with your horses and foot soldiers … [T]he devils of mankind are perfectly represented by these Jews.”

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