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Posted on Apr 3, 2014

Interpal Promotes Extremist Preacher at University of East London

Interpal Promotes Extremist Preacher at University of East London


Hamas-linked charity Interpal is promoting an event run by UK Care for Children at the University of East London on the 5th April.

uk care for children interpal

UK Care for Children, formerly known as the Lebanese Relief Fund, is run by Mohammad Kozbar, who also is Director of the Finsbury Park mosque on behalf of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB). In 2004, after the hook-handed jihadist Abu Hamza was arrested on terrorism charges, the British Government passed control of the Finsbury Park mosque over to the MAB, one of the most notorious Muslim Brotherhood fronts in Britain.  Its founder, Kemal Helbawi, has said:

“Oh honoured brothers, the Palestinian cause is not a struggle on borders or on land only. Rather, it is an absolute clash of civilisations: a satanic programme led by the Jews and those who support them and a divine programme carried by Hamas and the Islamic Movement in particular and the Islamic peoples in general.”

kozbar al-zahar

Mohammad Kozbar (far-right) with Hamas official Mohmmad Al-Zahar (centre), who has called for the killing of Jewish children across the world.

Sheikh Waleed Abdulhakeem, the speaker at the event, is a senior Muslim Brotherhood figure in Canada. For three years, he was the President of the Muslim Students’ Association (MSA), an organisation founded by Muslim Brotherhood activists which “promotes the Islamist ideology inspired by the Muslim Brotherhood”. The MSA is now part of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), found by a US federal judge to have “associations … with Hamas” and described by the US Justice Department as having an “intimate relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood”, and which runs the Saudi-funded Jami Mosque in Toronto. Abdulhakeem is the Imam and Director of Religious Affairs at that mosque.

Waleed Abdulhakeem is also a “professor” at Al Maghrib Institute, where his colleagues include notorious hate preachers such as Said Rageah, a Canadian Islamist who has preached that God should “destroy” the enemies of Islam and that the Christians and Jews are “damned”;  Abdullah Hakim Quick, a preacher who has called upon God to “clean and purify Al-Aqsa from the filth of the Yahood [Jews]“; and the explicitly anti-gay preacher Omar Suleiman.

The Al Maghrib Institute is based in Texas but branches in the UK. In 2008, the ‘underwear’ bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attended seminars run in both London and Houston by Al Maghrib. Muhammad Al Shareef, the founder of the Al Maghrib Institute, has written a paper entitled, ‘Why the Jews Were Cursed’ – in which he claims that Jews control the media and murder prophets. He goes on to advise that Muslims should not “take Jews as our close allies.” Shareef also calls on Christians to “join the [Muslim] ranks and start to stand up and speak against things like this [homosexuality]…praise to God that you are homophobic.”

Abdulhakeem was also an instructor at the Al Kauthar Institute, where his colleagues included:

  • Assim al-Hakeem, a Saudi cleric who believes that apostates, as well as Jews and Christians who “talk against Mohammad”, should be executed; that the torture of criminals, sex-slavery and female genital mutilation are “permissible” in Islam; that non-Muslims in Muslim countries should be made to pay a special tax for their protection; that Muslims living in non-Muslim countries are required to have “an attitude of enmity and hatred of the kaffirs [infidels]”; that “it is not permissible for a wife to refuse fulfilling her husband’s [sexual] desire”; and that women are forbidden to be political leaders. He is also a 9/11 Truther, and has been banned from Sheffield Hallam University.
  • Abu Abdissalam, a Saudi-trained British preacher who has urged Muslims not to cooperate with counter-terrorism authorities in the West, since those authorities are in fact waging a “war against Islam itself”. He advocates “the stoning to death of the adulterer, cutting the hand of the thief, [and the] obligation of hijab”, and has expressed support for terrorist recruiter Ali al-Tamimi. Abdissalam is considered so extreme that even Tower Hamlets Council banned him from its premises as “someone of concern”.
  • Yahya Ibrahim, a Canadian lecturer who lives in Australia. He describes Jews as “monkeys and pigs” and Christians as “the enemies”, and believes that AIDS was sent by God to punish “zina [sexual immorality]”. Ibrahim specialises in translating extreme Salafi texts into English, such as “Explaining the Hadith of Battling the Jews”. In 2005, Homeland Security officials barred him from entry to the United States.

Furthermore, Waleed Abdulhakeem recently spoke at the International Islamic Leadership Conference, where he shared a platform with the former Malaysian leader Dr Mahathir Mohammed, who claims that Jews control the World and so need to be “confined to ghettoes and periodically massacred.”

Interpal, which is promoting the 5th April event, is a banned terrorist entity in the United States. Interpal official Jihad Qundil was previously also a trustee of UK Care for Children, alongside Kozbar.

Interpal continues to associate with the proscribed terror group Hamas. Although the Charity Commission has declared it is “satisfied” that Interpal is not involved with terrorist activity, Stand For Peace disputes this, having uncovered considerable evidence that Interpal still maintains significant connections with Hamas.

YouTube videos from November and December 2013 show Interpal’s managing trustee, Essam Mustafa, with Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh, during a visit to the Gaza Strip for the Miles of Smiles Convoy. Mustafa can be seen exiting the same vehicle as Haniyeh, and the two are later pictured sitting together.

[Full report on Interpal here]



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