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Posted on Jun 11, 2014



Anne Singleton and Massoud Khodabandeh are a British married couple who live in Leeds. The two stand accused by the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom and the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress of serving as Iranian intelligence agents. Their website, “Iran-Interlink”, has been identified by these organisations, and the Iran Policy Committee, as being “under the direct control of the MOIS [Ministry of Intelligence and Security]”. {Source: Tanter, R. (2011). Terror Tagging of an Iranian Dissident Organization. Washington DC: Iran Policy Committee}

“Iran-Interlink” is hosted by Ravand Cybertech, which also hosts the websites of regime-controlled media outlets Fars News and Resalat News, and is linked to the pro-regime Jamkaram Mosque in Qom. Additionally, Ravand Cybertech owns the Persian blogging service “Blogfa”, which is “controlled by the [Iranian] secret service,” according to Amir Fakhravar, Director of International Affairs at the Council for a Democratic Iran.

In an affidavit submitted to a British court in 2002, Massoud Khodabandeh’s brother (Anne Singleton’s brother-in-law), Abrahim Khodabandeh, made the following remarks:

“I have been aware for some time now that my brother, Massoud Khodabandeh, has links with the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence [and Security] … Anne Khodabandeh [née Singleton] married my brother some years ago, but it was not until four years ago [1998] that I began to suspect that she had links with the Iranian clerical regime.”

Later, in 2007, former Labour MP Win Griffiths shed more light on the suspicious activities of Anne Singleton:

“Between 14 and 17 June 2004, I visited Iran on a humanitarian trip … [to] Iran’s notorious Evin prison … [where] I was surprised to see Anne Singleton … She was moving around freely and was in direct contact with Iranian officials in the prison … Anne Singleton and the Iranian regime had ulterior motives for my visit and hoped to turn it into a propaganda opportunity for the Iranian regime. Following my return from Iran, I had to spend a considerable amount of time rebutting false and misleading reports of my visit made by Anne Singleton [on] ‘Iran-Interlink’.”

In a 2007 report, “Spying for the Mullahs: Iran’s Agents in the UK”, the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom detailed the process of Massoud Khodabandeh’s recruitment into the MOIS:

“In 1998, using the cover of attending the International Labour Confederation, [Massoud Khodabandeh] went to Singapore where … he met secretly with representatives of the Ministry of Intelligence [and Security]. It was then that Massoud Khodabandeh was recruited and began to act as an agent of the Ministry of Intelligence [and Security] … Khodabandeh and his wife regularly publish the Iranian regime’s propaganda on their ‘Iran-Interlink’ website. They are also regularly interviewed by the Iranian regime’s media, which describes them as Iran experts.”

This was later confirmed, in 2012, by a Pentagon report, “Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security: A Profile”, compiled by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress, which included the following information about Anne Singleton:

“In 2002 Singleton met in Tehran with MOIS agents who were interested in her background. She agreed to cooperate with MOIS … [and] received training from MOIS. After her return to England, she launched the website in the winter of 2002.”


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