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Posted on Jul 3, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn to speak alongside Hamas advocates

Jeremy Corbyn to speak alongside Hamas advocates

20150708flyerOn August 22, Jeremy Corbyn MP, a candidate for leadership of the Labour Party, is due to speak at an event organised by Middle East Monitor, a leading Muslim Brotherhood publication.

Corbyn, along with a number of South American ambassadors, politicians and officials, will speak on the subject: “Palestine and Latin America: Building Solidarity for National Rights”. Along with Andrew Murray, from the trade union group UNITE, and Philipa Harvey, President of the National Union of Teachers, Corbyn will share the stage with two prominent Hamas voices, Azzam Tamimi and Mohsen Saleh, as well as the notorious anti-Jewish cartoonist, Carlos Latuff.

Azzam Tamimi is reported to be Hamas’ “special envoy” to the UK. Tamimi was formerly the director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought, a leading Muslim Brotherhood organisation.

Tamimi claims that he has the “great honour to be close to Hamas” and that “all the leaders of Hamas are my friends”. He has also spoken fondly of “the late Imam Khomeini” and the “great jihad” of Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad. In 2004, Tamimi told the BBC that he would become a suicide bomber if he “had the opportunity”, describing self-sacrifice for Palestine as “a noble cause”.

Mohsen Saleh runs the Al-Zayounta Centre in Lebanon, a thinktank that is notionally independent. Saleh is a closely involved, however, with the terror group Hamas. In 2014, Saleh edited and published a book containing writings of senior Hamas leaders, which sought to “present Hamas’ perspective towards political and social reform.”

In 2012, Hamas leader Khalid Meshal thanked Mohsen Saleh directly for organising a conference for Islamist operatives. During his speech, hosted at Saleh’s Al-Zaytouna Centre, Meshal reaffirmed his commitment to “Jihad and armed resistance” as the “correct and authentic means for the liberation of Palestine and the restoration of all rights”.

Carlos Latuff, who is also speaking, is a prominent cartoonist who, in 2006, entered Iran’s Holocaust Cartoon competition, winning second prize. According to the Community Security Trust, Latuff’s cartoons draw on a number of anti-Semitic canards.

Other speakers include Wadah Khanfar, a former Al Jazeera journalist. The Global Muslim Brotherhood Watch reports he also worked for the International Islamic Federation of Student Organisations, which was listed in a South African intelligence report presented to Thabo Mbeki as a key Hamas institution.

MEMO, the hosting organisaton, is a prominent Muslim Brotherhood outlet. In 2011, it brought the Hamas activist Raed Saleh to the United Kingdom. MEMO’s editor, Daud Abdullah, was also the former deputy-secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, with which the British government severed links after the very same Abdullah became a signatory to the Istanbul Declaration, a document which called for attacks on British troops and Jewish communities.

MEMO’s senior editor is Ibrahim Hewitt, a trustee of the Hamas-linked charity Interpal, which is banned as a terrorist organisation in the United States. Hewitt has referred to the “so-called Holocaust”, [Blood on the Holy Land: Report on the Visit by a Delegation of British Muslims to Occupied Palestine]. Further, in a pamphlet written by Hewitt, he advocates the killing of apostates and adulterers, and demands that homosexuals suffer “severe punishments” for their “great sin”. [Ibrahim Hewitt, What does Islam Say?, The Muslim Educational Trust, April 2004]

In 2014, MEMO attempted to run an event at Kings College London with the notorious Egyptian Holocaust denier Abdelwahab Elmessiri. The event was cancelled by KCL after Stand for Peace brought Elmessiri’s views to the public’s attention.

Jeremy Corbyn MP, who is leading the polls in the election for Labour Party leader, is no stranger to pro-terror and anti-Jewish activists.

In his constituency of Islington, Corbyn hosts meetings at the Finsbury Park Mosque, an institution with which he works closely. One of the mosque’s trustees, in fact, is Muhammad Sawalha, a fugitive Hamas commander. According to BBC reports, Sawalha is “said to have masterminded much of Hamas’s political and military strategy” from London.

Corbyn has, in fact, received thousands of pounds of gifts from various Hamas groups.

In 2009, Corbyn announced at an “anti-war” rally:

“It will be my pleasure and my honour to host an event in Parliament where our friends from Hezbollah will be speaking. I also invited friends from Hamas to come and speak as well. … That is the absolutely the right function of using parliamentary facilities to invite people from our other parts of the world. … The idea that an organization that is dedicated to the good of the Palestinian people…should be labelled as a terrorist organization by the British government is really a big, big historical mistake.”

In 2014, Corbyn spoke at an event organized by representatives of the Iranian regime, to commemorate the Iranian revolution of 1979. Corbyn’s fellow speakers included Hassan al-Sadr, who represents the UK office of Iraqi terrorist Moqtada al-Sadr; and Abdolhossein Moezi, the personal representative of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.


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