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Posted on May 12, 2014

KCL cancels MEMO event after Stand for Peace criticism

KCL cancels MEMO event after Stand for Peace criticism


Stand for Peace has just learned that the upcoming memorial lecturer organised by MEMO in honour of the late Egyptian Holocaust Denier, Abdelwahab Elmessiri, has been cancelled by Kings College London after a number of students protested the planned event based on Stand for Peace’s report, published last week.

The MEMO event is now due, however, to be held at Senate House, a University of London-owned conference venue. Stand for Peace now calls on all University of London students to lobby Senate House to reject these extremist groups and speakers.

Abdelwahab Elmessiri was an Egyptian Holocaust revisionist and senior leader of the opposition organisation Kefaya, until his death in 2008. In his book, Zionism, Nazism and the End of History, Elmessiri writes that the number of Jews who died in the Holocaust was much fewer than 6 million, justifying the claim by suggesting that, “the Nazis desperately needed workers, why would the war machine waste its time destroying millions instead of using them as slave labourers?”

The guest speaker, Azzam Tamimi is reported to be Hamas’ “special envoy” to the UK. Tamimi was formerly the director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought, a leading Muslim Brotherhood organisation. Tamimi claims that he has the “great honour to be close to Hamas” and that “all the leaders of Hamas are my friends”. He has also spoken fondly of “the late Imam Khomeini” and the “great jihad” of Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad. In 2004, Tamimi told the BBC that he would become a suicide bomber if he “had the opportunity”, describing self-sacrifice for Palestine as “a noble cause”.

MEMO is a pro-Hamas publication, which in 2011 brought the Hamas activist Raed Saleh to the United Kingdom. Its editor, Daud Abdullah, was also the former deputy-secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, with which the British government severed links after Abdullah became a signatory to the Istanbul Declaration, a document which called for attacks on British troops and Jewish communities.

MEMO’s senior editor is Ibrahim Hewitt, a trustee of the Hamas-linked charity Interpal, which is banned as a terrorist organisation in the United States. Hewitt has referred to the “so-called Holocaust”, [Blood on the Holy Land: Report on the Visit by a Delegation of British Muslims to Occupied Palestine]. Further, in a pamphlet written by Hewitt, he advocates the killing of apostates and adulterers, and demands that homosexuals suffer “severe punishments” for their “great sin”. [ Ibrahim Hewitt, What does Islam Say?, The Muslim Educational Trust, April 2004]

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