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Posted on Nov 28, 2013

Kings College London

Kings College London



Asif Hanif and Omar Khan Sharif, who attended KCL, were involved in a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv in 2003.[1] Hanif killed three people and injured fifty-five when he detonated explosives strapped to his body in a crowded bar.[2] Sharif fled the scene after his explosives failed.[3] The two men appeared in a Hamas video explaining their motivation and calling on God to punish Tony Blair and George W. Bush.[4]

Roshonara Choudhry was in her final year at KCL when she attempted to murder Stephen Timms MP at a constituency surgery in 2010.[5] Her motivation for stabbing Timms was that he had voted in favour of the 2003 Iraq War.[6] She was inspired by watching videos of al-Qaida faciltator and Islamic militant Anwar Al-Awlaki, claiming that his lectures taught her that becoming a martyr was “the best way to die”.[7]


Abdullah Hakim Quick spoke at KCL in February 2010, in an event hosted by the Islamic Society.[8] Quick advocates the death penalty for homosexuals and describes Jews as “filth”.[9] Although the event violated the university’s equal opportunities policy, which prohibits the promotion of hatred against minorities, it went ahead as planned.[10]



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