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Posted on Apr 7, 2014

Liverpool University

Liverpool University

It was reported in May 2011 that the University of Liverpool had suspended one of its medical courses following allegations that a lecturer had distributed pro-suicide bombing leaflets.[1] The leaflets were produced by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and allegedly contain a section entitled, “Terrorism or Resistance,” in which it claims that suicide bombers were acting in “utter despair”, responding to “servitude, expulsion or annihilation”.[2]

In 2011, the Liverpool Guild of Students President, Maev McDaid was pictured attending Al Quds Day, standing next to a picture of a bomb with a Star of David on it, falling on a fetus.[3]

University of Liverpool student Jack Buckby founded the National Culturalists (NC), a far-right group with a BNP links.[4] It has since been renamed Culturalist Hub.[5] In February 2013 they announced on Facebook that they would be attending an EDL rally and encouraged others to join them.[6]



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