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Posted on Jul 25, 2014

Luton Islamic Centre’s Syria charity hosts Hizb ut-Tahrir speaker

Luton Islamic Centre’s Syria charity hosts Hizb ut-Tahrir speaker

On August 23, Crisis Aid, a British Islamic charity linked to the Luton Islamic Centre, is hosting a fundraising event for its work in Syria, featuring Hizb ut-Tahrir’s “Deputy Media Representative”, Ibtihal Bsis, as the guest speaker.

Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT) is a global Islamist organisation, outlawed in many countries, which seeks to build an Islamic caliphate through armed jihad and rejects democracy as the “political framework of the Capitalist thought”. HT publications sanction the killing of Jewish “women, children and elderly”; describe human rights as the “trumpets of the Kuffar [derogatory term for non-Muslims]”; demand the death penalty as punishment for pre-marital sex [Source: Hizb ut-Tahrir, The American Campaign to Suppress Islam, pg21]; and label Muslims who oppose HT ideology as apostates who should be killed [Source: Zallum, How the Khilafah was Destroyed, pg193].

In Britain, HT has been accused by the National Union of Students of “supporting terrorism and publishing material that incites racial hatred.” HT websites hosted in Britain have published calls for Muslims to: “Teach the Jews a lesson after which they will need no further lessons. March forth to fight them, eradicate their entity and purify the earth of their filth.”

Crisis Aid’s involvement with HT is not a surprising development. The charity, only recently registered, is run by the same officials and volunteers belonging to the Call to Islam Education Centre in Luton (part of the Luton Islamic Centre), where the Olive Tree primary school is based, which recently made headlines after inspectors found evidence of extremist teachings. An investigation by Ofsted found that some of the library books at the school contained fundamentalist views which had “no place in British society”, including ‘The Ideal Muslim’ by Muhammad Ali Al-Hashimi, which advocates parents hitting children if they do not pray.

One of Crisis Aid’s trustees, Ahmed Al-Nashash, is the deputy head-teacher at the Olive Tree School. Nashash’s Twitter account includes posts praising the “blood purity” of the “mujahideen” [Hamas terrorists].

Other Crisis Aid trustees include Mohammed Shareeful Alam, who promotes extreme Islamist preachers on various social media platforms. His posts include support for the Al Qaeda operative Aafa Siddiqui; videos of sermons by Ismail Menk, a Zimbabwean Islamist preacher who describes homosexuals as “filthy” and worse than “dogs and pigs”; and personal warnings to the Muslim community to “stop behaving like kuffar and supporting kuffar activities.”

Qadeer Baksh, another Crisis Aid trustee, is the chairman of Luton Islamic Centre. Baksh has said that in an “ideal” Islamic state, homosexuality would be punished with death. The Luton Islamic Centre’s website is replete with extreme antisemitism. One document published on the Centre’s Call to Islam website states: “We ask Allaah that He grant us the ability to pursue the proper means for gaining victory over the Jews and over the rest of the enemies of Islaam.”

Other publications by Call to Islam state:

“The jews strive their utmost to corrupt the beliefs, morals and manners of the Muslims. The jews scheme and crave after possessing the Muslim lands, as well as the lands of others. They have fulfilled some of their plans and continue striving hard to implement the rest of them. Even though they do engage the Muslims in warfare involving strength and arms and have occupied some of their lands, they also fight them by spreading destructive thoughts, beliefs and ideologies; such as Freemasonry, Qadiaanisim, Bahaaism, Teejaanism and others – seeking the support of the christians and others, in order to fulfill their objectives.

Previous Syria fundraising events hosted by the Luton Islamic Centre and featuring activists from Crisis Aid have included Abu Usamah at-Thahibi as a guest speaker. Thahabi has expressed support for Osama bin Laden and has said: “If I were to call homosexuals perverted, dirty, filthy dogs who should be murdered, that’s my freedom of speech, isn’t it?” Further, according to a report by the Centre for Social Cohesion, Thahabi also “advocates holy war in an Islamic state; preaches hatred against non-Muslims; that apostasy and homosexuality are punishable by death; and that women are inferior to men.”

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