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Examples of Recent Press Coverage

Daily Telegraph

Sam Westrop, director of Stand For Peace, an interfaith group that highlights religious and political extremism in the UK, denounced the government donation to the MCF as “madness” and “completely counter-intuitive”.

He said: “If the government is really committed to fighting extremism and ultimately preventing radicalisation to the point of terrorism, it actually needs to stop enabling and funding it. The Brotherhood is not some benign organisation whose politics we simply don’t like. This is a group described by the former head of MI6 as ‘at heart a terrorist organisation’. It is a group that involves all levels of extremism here in the UK. It is a group that is funding and encouraging terrorism around the world.”

Daily Mirror

British hate preacher Mizanur Rahman’s sick sermon backing jihadists hours after the Paris bloodbath could be a driving force for further killings, an expert has warned.

In a speech to a London audience, and streamed online to thousands of followers, Rahman ranted “Britain is the enemy of Islam” and defended the slaughter of the 12 Charlie Hebdo victims.

Sam Westrop, director of counter-extremism group Stand for Peace, warned: “His kind of rhetoric is not an echo of Islamist terror and extremism – it is a driving force behind it.

Daily Star

National ­Action draws ­parallels with ­Islamic State in its extremism and calls itself the “White Jihad”.

Last night Sam Westrop from the campaign group Stand For Peace warned: “We should be careful not to dismiss ­Sigurd’s training camps, Norse ­mythology and bizarre ­philosophy as benign activity among a few wayward youth.

The Independent

In 2007 Rahman was jailed for six years for calling for the killing of UK troops, but his sentence was reduced to four on appeal. Counter-extremism group Stand For Peace said such rhetoric could prove to be the “driving force” behind future killings and that authorities “should not treat him as just another Islamist preacher”.

BBC News

Sam Westrop, of Stand for Peace, which describes itself as a multi-faith organisation that tackles extremism, said: “We welcome the decision by the Princess Alexandra NHS Trust to suspend Shahid Sardar. Sadly, the Islamic Network is not the only charity involved with the promotion of hate speech against minorities.”

Daily Mirror

Our probe unmasks Hitler fanatic Benjamin Raymond as a leader of National Action – an organisation riding a tide of support for ultra right-wing parties in Europe.

In one internet post, the 25-year-old spells out his vile beliefs writing: “There are non-whites and Jews in my country who all need to be exterminated. As a teenager, Mein Kampf changed my life. I am not ashamed to say I love Hitler.”

Anti-extremist action group Stand For Peace boss Sam Westrop said: ­“Universities will struggle to get to grips effectively with these people. The Sunday Mirror should be given great credit for exposing them.”

Daily Telegraph

According to the anti-extremist body Stand for Peace, Aid4Syria has also circulated an inflammatory video by Mohammed al-Arifi, an extremist cleric, encouraging Muslims to wage war in Syria. Al-Arifi has been banned from Britain after allegedly grooming the first two British Muslims to appear in an Isil propaganda video.


iERA has long promoted radical Islamism in universities, as Stand for Peace documents. The group insists separate seating areas for men and women don’t disadvantage women, so presumably their top speaker’s defense of a husband’s right to administer ‘a light beating to bring your wife to goodness’ is consistent with their stated commitment to gender equality. I expect death by stoning for homosexuality and adultery are equal-opportunity punishments.

Daily Telegraph

Sam Westrop, director of Stand For Peace, an interfaith group that highlights religious and political extremism in the UK, said: “Aafia Siddiqui is not some martyr who suffered a misscarriage of justice. She was a professional Al Qaeda operative. Examining expressions of support for Aafia Siddiqui has become a very good way of gauging the extremism of Islamist groups. It’s a good litmus test to distinguish genuine humanitarians from extremists operating under a charitable guise.”

The Independent

Jacob Campbell, research director for Stand for Peace, an interfaith organisation that campaigns against extremism, said: “Although bizarre on the face of it, it actually isn’t all that surprising. Islamist groups tend to take the view that the ends invariably justify the means… Better by far to become morally bankrupt than financially so.”

Sky News

BBC Big Questions


Sam Westrop, the director of Stand for Peace, a Jewish-Muslim interfaith organisation, said: ‘Time after time, conspiracy and anti-Zionist sentiment is revealed as nothing more than thinly veiled anti-Semitism. UKIP has expelled extremist and bigoted members in the past. They must also expel Anna-Marie Crampton. Such hatred must be fought at all times.’

Cambridge Evening News

Moderate Muslims are appalled that Dr Haitham al-Haddad, who is a judge on a Sharia law court in London, was allowed a platform at the Mawson Road prayer centre.

He spoke to students from Cambridge University’s Islamic Society in a packed room, and has previously told Muslims “to prepare themselves for jihad, all over the world”.

Hasan Afzal, director of the anti-extremism monitoring group StandforPeace, who was alerted to the visit by a concerned Muslim attending the mosque, said: “I understand the mosque is looking to expand and this has been a bone of contention with the local community and has attracted the ire of far-right groups, including the English Defence League.

Pink News

Stand for Peace, one of Britain’s leading Jewish-Muslim interfaith organisations, say that Chambers has in the past, “expressed the desire for homosexuals to be killed and has denied that homosexuality has any natural or genetic origins.”

Thurrock Gazette

Colin Cortbus, an anti-extremism analyst for said: “Cllr Aaron Kiely’s latest antics undermine democratic values and the tolerant principles of the Labour Party.

“His time would be much better spent actually attending council meetings rather than extremist-linked events featuring vile bigots. The views of these bigots are absolutely at odds with the tolerant views held by the vast majority of British Muslims. It is high time for John Kent to take some party disciplinary action.”

Coventry Observer

The recent protests come as a concern to Sam Westrop who is the director of Stand for Peace, an interfaith and counter-extremism group that investigates radicalism.

He told the Observer: “The emergence of National Action, its undisguised racism and declared alignment with fascist movements in Greece and elsewhere, is an alarming development…”

Jerusalem Post

Islamist preacher Zahir Mahmood has been invited to the university’s Islamic Society’s annual charity dinner on October 28. Mahmood has a history of glorifying Hamas, and hascalled for Muslims to refrain from integrating into British society.

Interfaith activist and director of the group Stand for Peace, Hasan Afzal, said that Mahmood has rebuked Muslims wanting to integrate into society and has angrily stated that “many of us [Muslims] give preference to our nationality over our Islamic identity.”

The Guardian

When Hasan Afzal started at university, he quickly discovered that his brand of Islam was regarded as heresy by some fellow Muslims.

“I come from a Sufi background. Sufis don’t take the Qur’an literally, they take it metaphorically, understanding it is a document from medieval times. The Islamic Society take a hardline approach: ‘You’re no different to a Hindu or Sikh.'”

Afzal says he is against banning speakers with extremist views. “Students should be able to share a platform with speakers, turn the presentation into a debate. That would be a far more pro-active way of dealing with extremists. Islamic societies are well organised. People who are against hate preachers are not well funded; they get news that a preacher is coming and have little time to organise – they’re always on the back foot.”

Huffington Post

So, the Federation of Student Islamic Societies London is inviting someone whose views would render him a sociopath in a decent-thinking person’s judgement. This is what young Muslims in Islamic Societies across the country are taught, they are taught to hate the very society that has brought them up. Just don’t be surprised when the next Abdulmutallab decides come off the conveyor belt and into the news headlines.

I challenge Nabil Ahmed, the president of FOSIS, and FOSIS London to explain why they are inviting such a nightmarish individual to their ‘religious gathering’? What good can this man do to the minds of young Muslims?

Jewish Chronicle

Hasan Afzal, director of the anti-extremism group Stand for Peace, contacted the council earlier this month to warn that the Ministry of Dawah was using the centre to “whitewash the terrorist convictions of a number of Islamists”.