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Posted on Sep 10, 2013

Medical Aid for Palestinans

Medical Aid for Palestinans

Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) was founded in 1984, and claims to be “an independent, non-political, non-sectarian humanitarian aid organisation” that “works for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees.”[1] According to NGO Monitor, however, MAP “uses the veneer of medicine and humanitarian objectives to impose a highly politicised platform.”[2]

MAP’s major donors include the Arab Banking Corporation,[3] a Bahraini bank whose principal shareholder was the Central Bank of Libya under Gaddafi;[4] the Asfari Foundation,[5] which donated £105,000 to the Centre for Syrian Studies at the University of St Andrews upon the request of Sami Khiyami, then Syrian Ambassador to Britain;[6] the Arab Bank,[7] which will soon go on trial in the US over claims that it “knowingly and purposefully supported” foreign terrorist organisations from 1995 to 2004;[8] the International Arab Charity,[9] whose website acknowledges significant “help and support” from “the Palestinian Delegation, the Egyptian Embassy, the Jordanian Embassy and the Arab League”;[10] and the Munib R. Masri Development Foundation,[11] whose founder and director was a close friend of arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat and even helped smuggle him out of Jordan during Black September.[12]

MAP both legitimises and supports acts of terrorism; founder Dr Swee Ang has admitted that some of the nurses in her organisation became suicide bombers in the 1980s, adding that she “wish[ed] they don’t [sic] have to do this … [but they did have to,] to defend their people. What else can [sic] they do?”[13] In 2002, the organisation accepted the proceeds of a book, ‘After the Terror’, which argues that “those Palestinians who have resorted to violence have been right to try to free their people, and those who have killed themselves in the cause of their people have indeed sanctified themselves.”[14]

MAP has also made payments to the Al-Ihsan Charitable Society,[15] a Palestinian group designated by the US Treasury Department in 2005 as a “charitable front for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad … [which] masquerades as a charity, while actually helping to finance Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s acts of terror against the Israeli people and other innocents.”[16]


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  1. University of Aberystwyth | Stand for Peace - […] a pro-terror group whose founder, Dr Swee Ang, has said that suicide bombing is justifiable (See Stand for Peace profile…

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