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Posted on Sep 9, 2011

Mohammed Al-Kawthari

Mohammed Al-Kawthari



Wikipedia: “Born in Leicester, UK, al-Kawthari started learning about Islam from a very young age and memorized the Qur’an at the age of nine. He initially studied the Arabic language and various other traditional Islamic sciences including Qur’anic exegesis (tafsir), Hadith and Fiqh at Dar al-Uloom, Bury, UK, under Shaykh Muhammad Yusuf Motala and the late Shaykh al-Hadith Islam ul Haq. He also received Ijazah in Hadith from the late Grand Mufti of India, Shaykh Mahmud al-Hasan Gangohi and underwent a one year course of specialization in the science of issuing religious verdicts (Fatwa).”



Recent Speaking Events:

  • FOSIS Winter Conference 2010
  • FOSIS National Speaker Tour – University of Wolverhampton (9th February 2011), University of York (16th February 2011)



A Civitas report notes of al-Kawthari:

“He places severe restrictions on male doctors treating female patients; he rules that women may not swim (even for medical reasons) where a male lifeguard is present, or where there are non-Muslim women; using tampons is ‘disliked’ (makruh-a classification in shari’a law); a woman may not travel beyond 48 miles without her husband or a close relative accompanying her; a female is encouraged to remain within the confines of her house as much as possible; polygamy is permissible. If anyone were to ridicule polygamy, he would become an unbeliever; it is a grave sin for a woman to refuse sex to her husband; it is forbidden to have close, intimate relations with or have love for non-Muslims; Muslims are not to sit, eat, live or mingle with them; the legal punishment for adultery is stoning.”[1]

Al-Kawthari recommends that if someone has sexual intercourse outside of marriage, the punishment should vary from a hundred lashes to death by stoning[2]. Al-Kawthari also legitimises and vindicates rape within marriage – he has stated: “The narrations of the beloved of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) clearly signify the importance of the wife obeying her husband in his request for sexual intimacy. It will be a grave sin (in normal circumstances) for the wife to refuse her husband, and even more, if this leads the husband into the unlawful.”[3]

This hate preacher is part of the Darul Iftaa, based in Leicester. Their website issues fatwas, and has been described by Civitas as being part of a network of sharia courts in Britain. The same Civitas report notes that similar places for fatwa rulings in the UK have demanded that homosexuals should be beaten. While it is impossible to know for sure what it is that many of these rulings state, as they are decided behind closed doors, and whether the Darul Iftaa in Leicester espouses such views; in our opinion this answer from al-Kawthari website, cited in the Civitas report, suggests a sinister truth:

  1. Question: ‘The questioner is about to start a career in law. Someone has told him that most aspects of English law would be forbidden to him to practise. Could he/she defend people of crimes (irrespective of guilt), and could they advocate rights for people such as homosexuals?’
  2. Answer: ‘One should not help defend someone who is guilty of a crime. One must not help others gain a right prohibited by sharia or disapproved of by it. ‘When practicing law, one must do so within the limits of Shariah. As such, one is not allowed to advocate rights that are incompatible with Islam, such as recovering interest money and fighting for the rights of homosexual and/or lesbians.’[4]

Al-Kawthari recommends that the legal punishment for theft is amputation: “The penalty for the one who steals (when the above conditions are met) is that his/her right arm is amputated. If a person steals a second time, his left foot is amputated; if a third time, then he will be imprisoned until he repents, but no further amputation will take place.”[5]


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Primary Sources:


Misogyny – Women’s movements

Legitimising Rape



Barbaric Punishment



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