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Posted on Nov 10, 2014

Neo-Nazi group Sigurd establishes terror training camps across UK

Sigurd, a neo-Nazi group led by far-Right activist Craig Fraser, has set up training camps across the UK in which activists are taught to fight with knives and assault rifles.

Stand for Peace fellow Colin Cortbus, writing in the Daily Star, noted:

Anti-terror police are monitoring the Sigurd Legion mob amid fears they are using the camps to prepare for a wave of anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic attacks.

The leader of the racist radicals is fitness instructor and author Craig Fraser.

In August he took an army of nationalists to the Brecon Beacons in Wales and schooled them in violence and hate.

Winter camps are planned for this month and January.

One nut who went to the camp told the Daily Star ­Sunday: “We have a true desire to put the interest of our race and nation first.”

During the two-day event, hardmen knocked lumps out of each ­other in ­“British Bulldog” free-for-alls.

The bare-chested brawlers were also put through fitness ­sessions by trainers from ­Russian neo-Nazi group White Rex.

Sigurd was the pseudonym used by maniac Anders Breivik who murdered 77 people in Norway in 2011.

Sigurd videos seen by the Daily Star Sunday show masked men with ­rifles at the prehistoric site of ­Silbury Hill, Wilts.

Far-right group ­National Action has sent all of its members to the camps.

In one internet post, a 21-year-old rebel called the Wolf wrote: “Sigurd separates the men from the boys.”

His Twitter page reveals a string of rants and posts about Hitler with the caption: “Hitler was right.”

One reads: “They behead our soldiers, rape our ­children and blow up buses and trains. ­Boycott Muslim business.”

National ­Action draws ­parallels with ­Islamic State in its extremism and calls itself the “White Jihad”.

Last night Sam Westrop from the campaign group Stand For Peace warned: “We should be careful not to dismiss ­Sigurd’s training camps, Norse ­mythology and bizarre ­philosophy as benign activity among a few wayward youth. These are organised ­extremists with significant numbers of recruits who have real ­ambition.”

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