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Posted on Feb 20, 2013

‘New British Union’ – “Blackshirts” Far-Right Group Launches

‘New British Union’ – “Blackshirts” Far-Right Group Launches

A new, self-described “fascist” and “blackshirts” far-Right group, called the New British Union (NBU), was launched recently by Gary Raikes, the former Scotland Organiser for the British National Party.

The NBU states it is dedicated to promoting “blackshirt” fascism and reviving the values set out by infamous British fascist Oswald Mosley.

NBU graphic

The NBU states that it is:

…a political community organisation for the dispossessed and disillusioned from all political parties. Our aim is to bring people together in the struggle against the out of touch political class who only represent themselves, rich bankers and industrialists.

We are following in the footsteps of Sir Oswald Mosley who remains our spiritual leader, the last man that led a movement that shook the establishment to the core. This of course led to all the lies and misconceptions that have been peddled about Mosley and British Union for decades, wrongs we aim to right.


The NBU claims that fascism is not an anti-Semitic ideology, and that Mosley himself was also not anti-Semitic. Curiously, the NBU has published a number of Mosley’s speeches and essays, including his thoughts on the “Jewish Question”, which claims, among other things:


“Throughout the ages Jews have taken a leading part in international usury and all forms of finance and money lending, while smaller exemplars of the method have engaged in such practices as price cutting, the sweating of labour, and other means of livelihood which any ordered and regulated economy must bring to an end. So the reason was not far to seek why we had incurred the bitter and especial enmity of Jewish interests. Some say that it is a wicked animal that defends itself when attacked, but the response of the Englishman to a blow in the face is traditional. That response was greeted immediately by all the organs which Jewish interests control with a loud clamour of racial persecution.”

Interestingly, the page containing this text has now been deleted – no doubt the NBU realised their claim Mosley was not an anti-Semite was somewhat thrown into question by his indisputable hatred for Jews.

The text can still be seen, however, in Google’s cache of the page.



It is of note that there is currently no mention to ‘Muslims’ or ‘Islam’ on the site. A strong anti-Muslim bigotry is expected as many of the declared ‘appointed officers’ of the NBU have backgrounds in aggressively anti-Muslim groups, including the National Culturists and the BNP.

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 20.31.22

Craig Cooke, formerly of the far-right youth group, the National Culturists, is part of the NBU

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