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Posted on Jan 24, 2013

Politicians Give Support to Pro-Terror Group

Politicians Give Support to Pro-Terror Group

A meeting was held in Parliament last week by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Speaking were Labour’s Shadow Justice Minister Andy Slaughter MP and Liberal Democrat MP Sarah Teather. Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn played host.

It is worrying to see leading politicians give legitimacy to a group that tries to sanitise its anti-Jewish sentiment by pretending to advance Palestinian rights. In reality, the PSC’s support for terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as its support for the boycott of Jewish goods from the Middle East, glorifies violence, works against peace, and breeds further divide between Israelis and Palestinians.

Other speakers the PSC works with include Daud Abdullah and Ibrahim Hewitt. Ibrahim Hewitt is a trustee of controversial charity Interpal. He wrote a pamphlet for the Muslim Education Trust which advocated the murder of homosexuals.

Daud Abdullah is the Deputy Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain. It was he who led the boycott of Holocaust Memorial Day. He is a signatory to the Istanbul Declaration, which called for support for Hamas in “this malicious Jewish Zionist war over Gaza,” encouraged attacks on British ships sent to the area, expressed opposition to the “so-called Arab peace initiative” of the Palestinian Authority, called upon Palestinians to “carry on with the jihad” and declared that Muslims must seek to provide money and weapons to the people of Gaza so that they “are able to live and perform the jihad in the way of Allah Almighty.”

Andy Slaughter MP, however, is not a demagogue like Abdullah or Hewitt; he is a shadow cabinet member. Yet he appears perfectly happy to lend his support to PSC leaders, who, themselves, have regularly met with Hamas terrorists – violent thugs who murder Israeli and Palestinian women and children.

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