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Posted on Sep 22, 2014

Queen’s honours and taxpayer funds for anti-Jewish extremist

Queen’s honours and taxpayer funds for anti-Jewish extremist


Ashuk Ahmed has resigned his position as an “equality and diversity advisor” from the Bedfordshire Police. He has also been selected by the Liberal Democrat Party as their candidate for Luton South.

Meet Ashuk Ahmed. He is a Liberal Democrat politician; has worked as a community development officer for North Hertfordshire council; was made an MBE in 2009 for “services to young people”; runs a radio station that received the Queen’s Award for Volunteering and which purportedly works to tackle extremism; and has been granted £1000 of taxpayer monies to aid his community work. He is even an equality and diversity advisor to Bedfordshire police. His radio station, Diverse FM, has received over £300,000 from the Big Lottery Fund.

Despite all this apparent good, Ashuk Ahmed also seems to be an extreme anti-Semite.

Ahmed’s social media is replete with references to supposed Jewish money, power and bloodlust. Ahmed has promoted material, for example, claiming that the savage terror group ISIS is a Jewish invention, whose horrors are propagated by the “Jewish media and their gentile pawns” in order to “justify more slaughter”. Ahmed describes these conspiracy theories as the “truth about ISIS”.

Above, one of the conspiracy theory videos shared by Ashuk Ahmed. The producer of the video, ‘Humans United against AshkeNAZI’, is an extreme anti-Semitic group which claims to “expose …the current take over of the united states by the jewish ashkenazi tribe. “

Ahmed further claims that “Zionists control half the world”, tells jokes in which Jews spitefully spit at Arabs; claims “Jewish democracy” means bloodlust; writes that the Labour and Conservative parties are in the grip of their “Zionist paymasters”; and paints Israeli politicians as feasting on children’s blood (an invocation of the blood libel, a medieval anti-Semitic trope).

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  1. No morals, no conscience no ability to feel shame.

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