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Posted on Aug 31, 2014

Stop the War Coalition: Invest in renewable energy to stop ISIS

Stop the War Coalition: Invest in renewable energy to stop ISIS

Stop the War Coalition (StWC), which is run by a mixture of Islamist and far-Left activists, has long seemed to be a mouthpiece for despots and extremists across the world.

Stand for Peace has, on many occasions, documented StWC’s apparent support for the Syrian and Iranian regimes. In addition, StWC refuses to condemn the Russian government, inviting extremist pro-Kremlin academics and dismissing reports of Russian military activity inside Ukraine as conspiracy theories.

As the Spectator writer James Bloodworth has noted: “[Stop the War] isn’t so much opposed to war as has accrued a sorry reputation for supporting the other side in every conflict it has pretended to oppose.”

StWC’s most recent cause is the terror group ISIS, whose mass-murder of innocents across Syria and Iraq has been documented in appalling detail over the last year. In an absurd article posted on StWC’s website, however, it is argued that there are “other options” for “defeating ISIS”:

1. Apologize for brutalizing the leader of ISIS in Abu Ghraib and to every other prisoner victimized under US occupation.

7. Announce a commitment to invest heavily in solar, wind, and other green energy and to provide the same to democratic representative governments.

11. Send journalists, aid workers, peaceworkers, human shields, and negotiators into crisis zones, understanding that this means risking lives, but fewer lives than further militarization risks.

[Read the full list here]

While StWC lobbies the West to invest in renewable energies and send human shields off to Syria and Iraq, ISIS will continue to extinguish the lives of countless Shi’ite Muslims and other minorities.

Few can be unaware of the horrors of ISIS’s expansion. StWC is not oblivious to this terror; by publishing this article, it appears to tacitly approve.

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