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Posted on Mar 22, 2012

Terry Gallogly

Terry Gallogly

Terry Gallogly is a Green Party member and was Chair of the York Palestine Solidarity Campaign, until he was succeeded by Stephen Leah. Gallogly is currently the York PSC secretary.

York PSC has some history with allegations of anti-Semitism. In 2004 the Chairman of York Jewish Society alleged in a letter to the local paper that:

THE actions of the York Palestine Solidarity Campaign (York PSC) today were nothing short of disgusting. As chairman of the University of York Jewish Society I organised a walking tour of Jewish Medieval York, followed by a brief ceremony at the foot of Clifford’s Tower to commemorate the 1190 massacre. This was hijacked by York PSC (Letters, March 17) who saw fit to mix the massacre of more than 110 British Jews in 1190 with the present situation in Israel. At the small ceremony, they tried to provoke arguments with Jewish students, rather than turn-up to remember the massacre.[1]

Pushing the Jews into the Sea

From the Q & A section on the York PSC and Leeds PSC websites:

Individuals can comment on the right or otherwise of the land grab which created the state of Israel in the first place and its biblical justification, but we must emphasize that PSC, like Arafat, accepts the inevitable presence of the Israelis and that pushing them all in to the Mediterranean is now not an option.

After this was exposed, the York PSC hurriedly changed the text, but the original can still be seen through the Wayback Archive[2]

Anti-Jewish Activities

Terry Gallogly has encouraged members of his mailing list to distort a poll about the English Defence League in order to paint British Jews as racists:

Gallogly, also a member of the national executive of the Palestine Solidarity Committee, was part responsible for the visit of the infamous Ahron Cohen of the extremist sect Neturei Karta in 2007[3]. The previous year, Cohen had stated that the Holocaust victims “deserved it[4].

Furthermore, the previous chair, Stephen Leah, helped produce a report calling for the banning of goods from the World’s only Jewish state. His same report promoted the writings of the Christian Far Right author Stephen Sizer, who has cited Holocaust-deniers in his writings[5].







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  3. Palestine Solidarity Campaign | Stand for Peace - [...] The former Chairman and current Secretary; of the same branch, Terry Gallogly, encouraged members of his mailing list to distort…

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