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Posted on Apr 17, 2013

UKIP officials expresses sympathy for far-Right EDL

UKIP officials expresses sympathy for far-Right EDL

Evidence has emerged that a senior UKIP figure, the Chairman of UKIP Hillingdon, Cliff Dixon has links to the English Defence League (EDL), a far-Right group with a long history of attacking Muslims.

Dixon, formerly involved with the English Democrats party, boasted on his blog, in 2011, that he has “joined my friends from March for England to tag along on the EDL Tower Hamlets demonstration.”

Colin Cortbus, a Stand for Peace fellow, notes: “If Mr Dixon thinks extremists should get off our streets, perhaps he should lead by example.”

Mr Dixon’s blog also records his attendance at a number of nationalist marches, mainly through the relatively small ‘March for England’ group. One event was co-organised by the British Patriots Society, which is described by anti-extremism campaign Hope not Hate as “a  tiny splinter of the English Defence League”.

One photo shows Dixon posing with EDL leader Kevin Carol and other EDL and BNP figures.

Cliff Dixon 1

Dixon has openly admitted to the authenticity of the image. Further, on Dixon’s own blog another photo shows him with EDL and EDP figure Ben Weald.


Dixon is not the only UKIP official to take a somewhat uncritical view of the EDL. UKIP Bedfordshire Councillor Stuart Parr  has complained to the BBC, claiming that the EDL is not “a political organisation.  It has no political ideology at all and campaigns only against Islamification and unfettered immigration.”

Parr has also spoken of a “Muslim breeding programme”.

He has encouraged violence on the grounds that the UAF, a violent far-Left group, is putatively condoned by authorities. Parr writes:

Let Choudary turn up with his mates and exercise their right to protest at our soldiers, just as long as everyone else who wants to stage a “counter protest” is allowed to exercise  theirright to protest at Choudary and his Islam4UK mates.  I’m sure the BNP and EDL will be there, not to mention the families of soldiers and ordinary members of the public who will want to turn up and support our troops.  The British government lets the violent fascists from Unite Against Fascism start riots at EDL protests so it’s only fair.Choudary wants 500 muslim protesters carrying empty coffins in Wooton Bassett so the police won’t even have to bring their own body bags.


In the past UKIP spokespersons have said of the EDL: “If you are an EDL supporter then you are not welcome in Ukip.”  Following previous investigations by Stand for Peace, UKIP has promptly expelled far-Right members of the Party. Will UKIP expel these officials too?



  1. OMG and to think I once considered voting for them!

  2. There are rotten members of all political parties. It does not mean that all members and supporters are of the same ideology. And also as mentioned, UKIP has previously expelled extremist members.

  3. anti-extremism campaign “Hope not Hate” LOL…

  4. “OMG and to think I once considered voting for them!” – Jayceeme

    If a far-left blog can change your mind so easily, then you will obviously vote for just about anyone who sways you on the day.

    Try not too think to hard. 🙂

  5. Keep up the good work! Many so-called “nationalists” are making online threats of potential violence as a deterrent to those who are thinking of protesting against them. Do not be put off by keyboard warriors!

    The EDL’s official line might claim to be non-racist but that certainly cannot be said about their average brown-shirted gimp on the street. Many of these morons see “lefties” as being limp-wristed bleeding hearts.

    EDL, UKIP, the BNP, and all other right-wing throwbacks, will all drown in the toilet bowl of society, spinning along into the abyss with the eternal echoes of Barney the Dinosaur’s laughter.

  6. The Sunday Times reports:

    “A UKIP local election candidate was suspended yesterday after The Sunday Times exposed his support for the far-right English Defence League (EDL). Chris Scotton, 24, faces expulsion from the party after repeatedly endorsing the EDL on Facebook and indicating that he has been an activist for the movement, which has gained notoriety for violent protests against Islam.

    “Scotton, who was due to stand in Leicestershire in Thursday’s council elections, also appears to trivialise racism on Facebook and “likes” a site called: “I hate [it] when I lose my black friend in the dark.”

    “His suspension will come as an embarrassment to Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, who admits his party does not have the resources to vet its 1,700-plus candidates properly.”

    The paper adds:

    “Yesterday a UKIP candidate in Suffolk was forced to resign after admitting to being a former member of the British National party (BNP). It also emerged that a candidate in Kent, who previously acted as an election agent to Farage, was once a National Front (NF) activist.”

    Last week, Tom Mosley of the Huffpost reported on the Ukip council candidate in Crowborough, East Sussex, was suspended after she appeared to blame Jews for both the Second World War and the Holocaust.

    Sunday Times:


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