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Posted on Jan 7, 2013

Union of Lithuanian Nationalist Youth

Union of Lithuanian Nationalist Youth

In May 2012, it was reported that the Union of Lithuanian Nationalist Youth (ULNY) had been unanimously elected onto the Lithuanian Council of Youth Organisations (LCYO).¹ The LCYO is an umbrella organisation which receives financial support from the European Union and the Lithuanian government.² With over 200,000 members from 64 different groups, the LCYO is the largest non-governmental youth organisation in Lithuania, and often participates in forming youth policy.³

The ULNY is one of the leading organisers of the annual Independence Day neo-Nazi march in Vilnius. International petitions were launched calling for the cancellation of this year’s march,⁴ which turned violent.⁵ According to Lithuanian daily 15 min, the ULNY believes in “the inculcation of ethnic consciousness” and describes homosexuals as “deviants” and “evil-doers”.⁶ Mindaugas Kluonis, one of the directors of the Tolerant Youth Association, alleged that the ULNY “organises camps where they walk a fine line balancing on the border of inciting ethnic and racial hatred”. Kluonis also added that one of the ULNY’s leaders is a convicted criminal.⁷

Neo-Nazis on the white supremacist internet forum welcomed the accession of the ULNY to the LCYO as “good news”, with one member calling upon the Baltic god of thunder to “bless the Lithuanian youths”.⁸

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