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Posted on Nov 28, 2013

Birmingham University

Birmingham University


Azzam al-Tamimi spoke at Birmingham in 2010, at an event entitled “In Pursuit of Justice: Remember Gaza”.[1] Mr. Tamimi is a supporter of Hamas, who in 2004 told the BBC that he would become a suicide bomber if he “had the opportunity”, describing self-sacrifice for Palestine as “a noble cause”.[2] Birmingham’s Director of Academic Services refused to cancel the event.[3]

Jalal Ibn Saeed spoke at Birmingham in February 2011.[4] Mr. Saeed has praised the Taleban, saying, “As far as I am concerned the mujahidin are successful whether they lose or win. They’re successful. But if they succeed we also become successful. And if they fail, they succeed but we fail.”[5] Saeed has shared a platform with numerous hate preachers, such as Murtaza Khan, Haitham al-Haddad and Hamza Tzortzis.[6]

In 2009, Hamza Tzortzis spoke at an event organised by Birmingham University’s Guild of Students.[7] Tzortzis is believed to be associated with Hizb ut-Tahrir. He regularly speaks at their events and in April 2008 Tzortzis wrote to the Centre for Social Cohesion to invite a representative to participate in a panel discussion on community cohesion in East London.[8] The email, signed from Tzortzis, was sent from[9] In 2006 Tzortzis was Deputy Chairman of the now defunct Hackney Muslim Organisation (HMO).[10] HMO organised a fundraising dinner in August of that year for Interpal, where Tzortzis gave a platform and spoke alongside Taji Mustafa, a member of HTB’s executive committee.[11] He has also said that Muslims “reject the idea of freedom of speech and even the idea of freedom”.[12]







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