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Posted on Dec 10, 2013

Cardiff University

Cardiff University

Cardiff Islamic Society and the Palestinian Forum in Britain organised an event called ‘Arab Spring: Destination Palestine?’ in March 2012.[1] The event featured a number of extremist speakers, notably Azzam Tamimi, Daud Abdullah and Ibrahim Hewitt.[2] Tamimi is a supporter of Hamas, who in 2004 told the BBC that he would become a suicide bomber if he “had the opportunity”, describing self-sacrifice for Palestine as “a noble cause”.[3] He has said that he has the “great honour to be close to Hamasand thatall the leaders of Hamas are my friends”.[4] Abdullah is a signatory of the so-called ‘Istanbul Declaration’, which condones terrorism, as seen in statements regarding the Gaza Strip such as “closure of the crossings or the prevention of the entry of weapons through them should be regarded as high treason in the Islamic Nation, and clear support for the Zionist enemy”.[5] Hewitt is chairman on Interpal, a charity with close links to Hamas. Hewitt is also the author of a book called ‘What Does Islam Say?’ in which he advocates the death penalty for apostates and adulterers, and demands that homosexuals suffer “severe punishments” for their “great sin”.[6] [7] The event went ahead, but was moved off campus.[8]

In July 2012, Cardiff hosted an event called ‘Preparing for the Month of Mercy’ organised by Islamic Relief Wales.[9] The event featured Muhammad Ibn Adam Al-Kawthari, who dismisses the importance of women consenting to sex and advocates violent Jihad.[10] In response to a question about a wife refusing her husband, Al-Kawthari answers, “It will be a grave sin (in normal circumstances) for the wife to refuse her husband, and even more, if this leads the husband into the unlawful”, although he claims that this “does not legitimise rape”.[11] Al-Kawthari also writes that “if the Muslims who are being attacked are incapable of defending themselves or they are neglectful, jihad becomes Fardh Ain for the Muslims nearest them and then those nearest them and so forth, until it becomes personally obligatory for all the Muslims of the East and the West.”[12]

Cardiff University hosted a FOSIS Conference in April 2013, which included a number of extremist speakers such as Qari Ziyad Patel, who sings songs in praise of the Taliban; and Reda Bedeir who considers homosexuality to be “sinful”.[13]


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