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Posted on Dec 3, 2013

Edinburgh University

Edinburgh University



In 2012 Edinburgh University Students for Justice in Palestine went on hunger strike “in solidarity with” Hana Al-Shalabi, a member of Palestinian Islamic Jihad.[1] Palestinian Islamic Jihad is banned under UK law as a terror group, and it is responsible for acts of violence, such as suicide bombings, which have killed Israeli Jews and Arabs alike.[2] Israeli authorities detained her in February 2012, but Hamas secured her release in the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange.[3]

It was reported in 2012 that a number of Jewish students at Edinburgh, including a former chair of Edinburgh’s Jewish Society, were dropping out of their courses due to a “toxic atmosphere” at the university, which made them uncomfortable.[4] According to the article in the Jewish Chronicle, students felt that they had to “hide their Jewish identity due to the hostile atmosphere at Edinburgh”.[5]


Sarah Glynn, a former lecturer of Human Geography at Edinburgh, supported Paul Donnachie, a student at St Andrews convicted of racially aggravated behaviour following an anti-Semitic incident in which Donnachie labeled a Jewish student a “terrorist” and defiled an Israeli flag belonging to the student.[6] [7] She also took part in a demonstration outside the Israeli Embassy at which protesters shouted “Khyber al-Yahud” (an Islamic battle cry celebrating the death and defeat of Jews in the battle of Khyber) and “Israel if you want war, don’t keep knocking at the door.”[8]

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Edinburgh has a partnership with the Iran Heritage Foundation, a UK charity founded and chaired by Vahid Alaghband.[9] [10] Alaghbad also founded and chairs the Balli Group, which was issued with a Temporary Denial Order by the US Department of Commence after it “knowingly re-exported three US origin aircraft to Iran in violation of the Export Administration Regulations.”[11] He is also a major donor and ambassador of the PARSA Community Foundation, whose beneficiary, the National Iranian American Council, is reported to have connections with the regime.[12]






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