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Posted on Dec 3, 2013

Oxford University

Oxford University



Sharmine Narwani, a senior associate at St Anthony’s College, Oxford, is a terror apologist and contributor to pro-Hezbollah publication, Al-Akhbar.[1] [2] Professor Noah Feldman has branded Al-Akhbar “Hezbollah’s newspaper”, while Mark Ashurst of the New York Times has described the paper as having “close links to the government of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria”, demonstrated by the Syrian government leaking minutes of a meeting between Assad and Kofi Annan to Al-Akhbar in 2012.[3] [4] In her capacity as a journalist for Al-Akhbar, Narwani has written that the Holocaust “leaves me utterly unmoved” and praised Iran for having “shrugged off the yoke of imperialism, built infrastructure, social services and industry from scratch, harnessed its own resources toward establishing domestic self-sufficiencies, created a dynamic – if imperfect – indigenous political system of representative government, and managed to maintain the security of its oft-threatened borders through military innovation and soft power”.[5] [6] In comments made on the Huffington Post site, Narwani calls Hamas and Hezbollah “resistance groups” and stated that “one could even argue that Jewish disinformation against Muslim populations is a major contributor to growing Islamophobia and fear of Muslims in the West.”[7] Narwani has also contributed to Veterans today and Veterans News Now. The former publication has been accused by the Anti Defamation League of containing 9/11 conspiracies and Holocaust denial.[8] The latter has been accused by CAMERA of anti-Semitism, and once publishing an article by David Duke.[9] Reacting to the murder of US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three consular staff in Libya, Narwani took to Twitter to ask, “Tell me again why I should care about whatshisname-plus-three?”[10]

Three Oxford dons were listed as members of the BNP on a leaked copy of the party’s membership list, which was circulated online in 2008.[11] Two of the academics names denied being members of the BNP. One claimed, “I have no idea why I am on there, I have never voted for the BNP and I am not a member” while the other admitted to have joined the party in the past but denied that they were still a member.[12]


In February 2010 Israel’s Deputy foreign minister, Danny Ayalon visited the Oxford Union.[13] A member of the Union shouted “Itbach Al-Yahud” (slaughter the Jews) at him, which Ayalon described as “tantamount to a call for genocide”.[14]

Christian Concern, a group that has conflated homosexuality with paedophilia, and claimed that homosexuality can be cured, hosted a conference at Exeter College, Oxford in March 2012.[15] Exeter College did not cancel the event, but promised to review their booking procedures.[16]

The Animal Liberation Front claimed responsibility for an arson attack on an Oxford University boathouse in 2005.[17] Oxford was targeted as part of a campaign to stop the building of a new primate laboratory on the university site.[18]

The Oxford Union has hosted a number of extremist speakers including David Irving, Nick Griffin, Scott Lively, Tommy Robinson and George Galloway.[19] [20] [21] [22] Galloway’s appearance at the Union in February 2013 was particularly notable due to his swift exit upon discovering that he would be debating against an Israeli student.[23] Galloway’s statement, “I don’t debate with Israelis” was met with accusations of racism.[24]













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