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Posted on Apr 22, 2013

University of Sussex Votes to Continue Boycott of Israeli Goods

University of Sussex Votes to Continue Boycott of Israeli Goods

The Students’ Union at the University of Sussex has voted to continue boycotting Israeli products following results of a referendum, in which 72% of the 1639 participating students voted in favour. The initial boycott was originally made union policy in November 2009.

The University of Sussex’s student body is known for its extremist political activity. In 2012, protestors physically attacked a Conservative MP. It has an active far-Left presence and a number of faculty members who support anti-Israel activity.

In 2009, while ‘occupying’ the University, the Palestine Society hosted an event entitled, ‘Freedom fighters or terrorists?’, with Hamas’ spokesperson Azzam Tamimi.

In 2003, Tamimi delivered a sermon at the Great Mosque in Stockholm, expressing support for suicide attacks against Israeli civilians. Outside the mosque, militants distributed leaflets containing calls to “liquidate the Jews in Palestine in the name of Allah”.

He has regularly spoken of his desire to “martyr” himself against the Israelis. In 2004 he told the BBC: “You see, sacrificing myself for Palestine is a noble cause. It is the straight way to pleasing my God and I would do it if I had the opportunity.”

Further, he has stated: “Israel is a menace…is a threat to humanity….We must all get together to eradicate this culture from the body of humanity….is about to be thrown out of this human body of ours. Its just a matter of time….this black chapter in the history of humanity. (if we cannot do it peacefully) we have another language and we have the right to use that language.”

Of the banned terrorist group Hamas, Tamimi has said: “I have a great honor to be close to Hamas.”

In 2011, the University’s student union sponsored a resolution at the National Union of Students conference, which labelled Israel an “apartheid state”. The motion called for links between Universities and the Hamas institution, the Islamic University of Gaza, which, during the conflict in 2009, was used to manufacture weapons for terror groups to use against civilians.

The Union of Jewish Students condemned the motion as “divisive and undemocratic”.




  1. Only very recently, a Hamas spokesman put forward a request asking the EU that Hamas be removed as a terrorist group. The EU must be aware of the above as this incitement to hatred.

  2. So the University of Sussex honours a man whose fascist-style party, once elected, promptly abolished the voting system and now: 1) persecutes its own journalists, 2) allows its own citizens to be human shields as and when Israel (rightly) carries out carefully-planned retaliatory attacks on Hamas’ missile sites and 3) is now in debt, owing millions if not billions?
    And how would Tamimi martyr himself? I assume as a suicide bomber? If so, would he have no qualms about ‘taking out’ Palestinian and Arab passers-by?

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