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Posted on Oct 21, 2013

Sussex University

Sussex University


The University of Sussex has an active[1][2] and at times violent[3] far-Left presence; in 2012, for instance, Conservative MP Mike Weatherley was attacked by as many as 50 students when he arrived on campus to address the university’s Conservative Association.[4] This far-Left activism often takes the form of anti-Zionism, which occasionally spills over into the promotion of anti-Semites, or apologism for anti-Semitic language.

In 2009, Hamas spokesman Azzam Tamimi was invited to speak by the Palestine Society,[5] causing some controversy in the student media. Worryingly, despite Tamimi’s membership of a genocidal terrorist group, the University of Sussex Student Union (USSU) ruled that he was “not a fascist”, and therefore entitled to speak at the university.[6] The USSU would later go on to sponsor a motion – described as “divisive”, “undemocratic” and “extreme” by the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) – which urged the National Union of Students (NUS) to build links with the Hamas-controlled Islamic University of Gaza.[7]

Extreme anti-Zionism is not merely the preserve of students at Sussex. Professor Martin Shaw, for example, has defended those who draw anti-Semitic comparisons[8] between the Holocaust and Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, saying that he does not “find the comparison objectionable in principle”.[9] Although he says that the comparison of the Gaza Strip to the Warsaw Ghetto “is not one I would have made”, he then goes on to do exactly that, writing that “Gazan Palestinians in 2008, like Polish Jews in 1939-40, are confined in a small territory and subjected to systematic depredations”.[10] The university’s Palestine Society dabbles in similar anti-Semitic language.[11]

Although the student Islamic Society appears to be less active, its Facebook page[12] nonetheless promotes such persons as Mohammad Akram Nadwi, who is endorsed by anti-Semitic suicide-bombing enthusiast Yusuf Al-Qaradawi,[13] and Hamas-supporter Zahir Mahmood,[14] as well as such organisations as the Saudi-funded, pro-terror and anti-Semitic World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY). [15]
















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